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Common Branding Mistakes That Can Devastate Your Brand  

Almost everyone has had a bad food experience where the packaging or branding package didn’t match the quality or quantity of food inside (looking at you bags of chips). Branding done poorly can have the same effect. Tina Walczak our Chief Brand Officer and Jake MacLaren, one of our content strategists, discusses branding mistakes and how when it comes to…

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How to Get One Million Views on Your Jewelry Facebook Ads

Facebook ads have only grown in popularity over the years with the extensive development of the Facebook Ads platform. Nowadays, you’ll find jewelry Facebook ads, Instagram story ads, and many other varieties of ads to choose from all from the same platform. However, because numerous businesses are endlessly competing for the best results on the platform it can be challenging to…

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2020 Local Marketing Strategy Top Grade Tire and OK Tire Justin Bullock

Watch (YouTube - Local Marketing Strategy Top Grade Tire and OK Tire CEO Justin Bullock) as William Walczak, Hiilite CEO and University of British Columbia Consumer Behavior Professor, leads a weekly open marketing call to help businesses affected by the COVID-19 economic crisis. Working directly with local businesses the to help find new opportunities, pivot…

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Simplicity in Design

   Logical and Uncomplicated Aspirations   Logical, uncomplicated, simple design is a mainstay trend that most designers aspire to in their work. Unless you’re attempting to create an art piece, these are universally appreciated concepts for the end-user. How you accomplish it differs based on industry, but given that simplicity has become a core tenet…

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How To Design A Visual Identity For Your Brand

Design - Visual Identity How your brand represents itself visually is an essential factor to your overall business. Creating consistency in your branding allows your customers to easily identify your business. If your brand's visual identity is scattered, you will spend more time and money than is necessary gaining brand recognition and reach for your brand. What…

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Information Visualization

Information visualization is one of the most recent movements that inspires great design. The visual communication of information or data can be effective, intriguing, and beautiful – or it can confusing, boring, and ugly. Hiilite Creative Group's William Walczak believes "everything communicates" and an effective design should speak to its audience and produce results. Everything Communicates Has…

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Drawing Inspiration from Paul Rand

Paul Rand was an American graphic designer that established himself as a leader and innovator in the design world. He developed logos for Enron, UPS, IBM, ABC and NeXT. His journey didn't have the easiest beginning as he was not encouraged to pursue art as his career, and was forced to teach himself much...

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