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Simplicity in Design

   Logical and Uncomplicated Aspirations   Logical, uncomplicated, simple design is a mainstay trend that most designers aspire to in their work. Unless you’re attempting to create an art piece, these are universally appreciated concepts for the end-user. How you accomplish it differs based on industry, but given that simplicity has become a core tenet…

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Information Visualization

Information visualization is one of the most recent movements that inspires great design. The visual communication of information or data can be effective, intriguing, and beautiful – or it can confusing, boring, and ugly. Hiilite Creative Group's William Walczak believes "everything communicates" and an effective design should speak to its audience and produce results. Everything Communicates Has…

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Drawing Inspiration from Paul Rand

Paul Rand was an American graphic designer that established himself as a leader and innovator in the design world. He developed logos for Enron, UPS, IBM, ABC and NeXT. His journey didn't have the easiest beginning as he was not encouraged to pursue art as his career, and was forced to teach himself much...

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Why Your Business Needs Good Design

While running your business, you are faced with a plethora of decisions. It can be tempting to take the easier and cheaper option to reduce your up-front costs. However, when it comes to developing your brand's design, this shouldn't be the corner you cut.

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