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Our roots date back to 2004, we started building our company on the idea that “everything communicates” and the Hiilite brand message has been crafted to reflect this. Orange is the colour of creativity, it also relates to social communication and stimulating two-way conversations. The use of multiple bright colours and translucent overlaps reflects adaptability and an understanding of design thinking. Finally, we keep our tone friendly and unafraid to challenge the status quo.

While our team and our portfolio have grown exponentially we have stayed committed to our mission – to be the most dedicated, creative and innovative team delivering results-focused marketing services while building lasting relationships that fuel growth and catapult our people and our clients to success.

Hiilite | Marketing, SEO, Branding, Web & Graphic Design

Core Values

We started building our company on the idea that “everything communicates” and centered around these values:


Approachable – Empowering – Respectful
We create better products by working together.​

Hiilite is a collective of creatives from various backgrounds. Whatever the task at hand, we benefit from leveraging our team’s strengths. We are informed, educated, and critiqued by our peers. We work with our clients, not for. Collaboration is essential to our growth as individuals.​


Effective – Impactful – Strategic
We find meaning in all that we do.​

There are endless possibilities waiting to be explored in our field. Purpose means seeking out new avenues for growth and pursuing our interests wholeheartedly. When something seems out of reach, it is often just a question of drive.​


Optimistic – Persevering – Encouraging
We have perspective.

While every day may not be our best, we still wake up each day knowing that it is a new opportunity to realize greatness. By believing in ourselves and those around us, we build each other up to push past any obstacle standing in our way.


Authentic – Bold – Unconventional
We live outside the box.

Badasses inspire. They are champions of originality and individuality. It takes self-confidence and creativity to produce world-class work. The most passionate people can make the impossible happen.​


Ambitious – Curious – Driven
We continually develop ourselves.​

When we challenge ourselves, it forces us to rethink what we are capable of. By questioning our presumptions, being open to new perspectives, and showing humility in our strengths, we are always moving towards becoming the best version of ourselves.​

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Hiilite | Marketing, SEO, Branding, Web & Graphic Design
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