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Intelligent, responsive web design crafted to meet your needs.

Your website acts as a face for your business and should represent who you are. It should be informative, easy to use, and look polished. A strong web presence is an integral part of any modern marketing strategy and the right website can have a huge impact on your success.


We start from the ground up by gathering information about your needs and goals. This lets us understand the full scope of the project and move into the design phase with a clear picture of what your site needs to succeed. From here, we will produce a sitemap and wireframes before fully starting on the design of your site.


Our designers will take the goals and information from the planning stage and turn them into something beautiful and functional. From layout and imagery to user interface and flow, your site will be designed with intent and purpose. At the end of this phase, your site will have a completed design and an interactive prototype will be presented for your approval.


Once you have approved the design, our developers get to work on making it a reality. We’ll check in with you at several points during this phase so that you can see the progress and provide input. Once approval of the final build is given, your site will be optimized for mobile and cross-browser tested for a consistent user experience.

Need an e-commerce site?

We can create your online store and extend your reach beyond brick and mortar.

Web Design and Development FAQ

What software/platform will my site be built on?

The majority of our sites are built on WordPress using our own custom theme as a basis. We like WordPress for its versatility and our HiiWP theme is built for flexibility to accommodate a variety of project types.

If you are looking to build an e-commerce site, we also work with Shopify.

Learn more about our e-commerce options.

My site needs a particular feature (e.g. MLS listings, online store, special forms) can you add it to my site?

We’ve built sites for a variety of industries and have covered a wide range of needs and features. One of the advantages of working with WordPress is the sheer number of plugins available to enhance your site’s functionality.

Will my site be mobile friendly?

Yes, all our sites are designed and built to scale appropriately for mobile devices.

Can you help with content and photos for my site too?

You bet! We know you’re busy and writing content isn’t on the top of your to-do list. Our content writers can work with you to provide the written content (known as “copy”) for your site.

We can also help you with photography by either sourcing stock photos and/or booking a shoot with our in-house photographer.

Learn more about our photography services

Can you help my website get seen more with search engine optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization is a critical part of any online marketing plan and we give every site we build a basic SEO setup to help you get started. We also offer ongoing retainers for more long-term help with getting your website seen more often on search engines like Google.

Learn more about our SEO services

Websites we’ve built:

Next, we can help website maintenance:

Maintenance Retainers

Keep your site in tip-top shape

Routine upkeep is a crucial, but often overlooked, part of having a website. Regular site checkups and updates can help keep your site functionality at its best. Plus, these checkups will also ensure your site has a good customer experience, improve your SEO, and will keep your site safe and secure.

Our Maintenance Services
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