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William Walczak

Chief Executive Officer

Passion for technology, brands and business.

Will believes that maximum potential is achieved only when the right technology works in concert with the brightest creative minds. He wants to empower those around him to achieve their best results.

Adrienne Renaud

Sr. Marketing Manager + Department Lead

Gets shit done

Strong communication and organizational skills. Adrienne liaises with clients and manages project workflow as well as providing hands on work as a digital marketer.

She brings resourcefulness and strong analytical skills to the team. She also manages the marketing department and herds the agency tigers when needed.

Emilia Muscardin

Marketing Manager

Curating brand stories.

Emilia has a passion for creating strong, personable brand voices. Whether it be through social media or blog content, expect a beautifully crafted story that embodies a brand’s core qualities and values. Emilia takes the time to connect with her clients’ brands to enable her to tell your brand’s story to the online world.

Bijoy Benhur

Marketing Coordinator

Be creative. Think disruptive.

Bijoy thrives in effectively coordinating all manners of marketing work for clients. He cares deeply about optimizing project workflows to achieve standout client satisfactionAlways seeking to understand a client’s needs, Bijoy knows how to help brands develop through the right marketing services and achieve the growth they desire. 


Tina Walczak

Chief Brand Officer

Obsessed with brands, processes, strategy, and culture.

Tina Walczak is the Chief Brand Officer at Hiilite, and The Vice President of Kelowna Women in Business. Tina beautifully combines her passion for design with keen business focus. Creating innovative and detailed work that pushes boundaries, Tina is committed to producing strong brands for clients that accurately captures their overall business strategy. Her credentials speak for themselves, but Tina craves challenge and never lets herself get too comfortable.

Cam Schreiner

Brand Identity Designer

Lead with curiosity and follow with care.

Driven by a combination of curiosity and passion, Cam aims to discover the connection between your business and people’s perception. He feels strongly about arming entrepreneurs with the right tools to properly captain their brand in a consistent direction that benefits both them and the people they serve. His theory is “your brand is being built, you get to decide if it’s on purpose”.

Sohaib Khan

UI/UX Designer

Designer without boundaries.

Sohaib continually finds ways to innovate user interfaces and set up the ideal user experience for client platforms. His attentiontodetail skills enables him to find opportunities both big and small to optimize user interfaces and enhance visuals. Consistently searching to make visual material both functional and appealing, Sohaib has a concrete understanding of how to make designs that much clearer for users.  

Scott Watson

Graphic Designer

Informed creativity.

Scott’s dedication and deep understanding of art and graphics enables him to provide clients with visuals that are stylish, simple, and effective. His wealth of knowledge and experience in marketing naturally complements his skillset and gives him the ability to think outside the box for visuals in new ways. Devoted to improving his graphic design understanding, Scott continues to find ways to enhance his skills and is always up for a new challenge. 

Jake MacLaren

Content Strategist

Always crafting the ‘write’ stuff. 

Jake is driven to create engaging writing that impacts readers, every time. He’s written for a full spectrum of clients and consistently produces everything from witty social media posts to catchy taglines you just can’t get out of your head. Devoted and diligent, Jake is ready to give it his all on your next marketing project. 

Amanda Aylen Heins

Social Media Marketing & Events

Continually discovering ways to bolster audience engagement. 

Amanda believes that your social media presence is just as important as the four walls your business occupies. Whether you are posting, going live, creating a pole, or wanting to throw an event, she uses every tool social media platforms have to offer to create a well-balanced interaction with your audience and clients.  

Nic Walls

Community Engagement Manager

Creating connections that enable success. 

Nic gives a friendly voice online to clients and their brands with a creative spirit and a genuine smile. Connecting with clients and their customers alike, he forges conversations into relationships and helps every brand to speak with its own personality. 

Wesley Howerton

Digital Marketing Intern

Discovering new ways to achieve growth.

Wesley has a strong work ethic that is paired with a high attention to detail. Along with his strong communication and interpersonal skills, Wesley provides a youthful energy and an eagerness to learn and contribute to Hiilite. 

Heather Treadgold

Sr. Developer

Combining function and layout for optimized perfection.

Heather seamlessly combines her skills as an expert in web development and graphic design to bring functionality and beauty to her client’s projects.

Damien Stewart


Build it nice or build it twice

Combining his eclectic skillset with the design direction found at Hiilite, Damien puts his various talents in motion daily. Motivated by his constant desire to grow, he has built the foundation of his career with an emphasis on web based software development and search-engine optimization.

Fiyin Oladele 

Jr. Web Developer 

Taking every opportunity to learn and grow.

Fiyin’s combination of dedication to attention to detail and love for web development projects helps him consistently produce top-notch work. His willingness to learn how to get the best results for clients and determination to excel at anything he does helps him find effective solutions to a wide variety of problems. 

Patrick Henderson

SEO Analyst

Combining Function And Layout For Optimized Perfection 

Patrick draws from his wide range of experience in marketing, finance and even hockey to generate ROI focused strategies for clients. Prior to becoming an SEO Analyst at Hiilite, he worked as a marketing account manager for a large marketing firm in Asia. During his time there he focused on enterprise web analytics projects for many international companies across a wide variety of industries.

He is driven to grow his knowledge in the marketing industry and help clients see increased ROI on their marketing investment.

Richard Den Otter 

Chief Financial Officer 

Making sense of dollars and cents. 

Richard helps both effectively design and implement accounting and internal control systems in the behind-the-scenes of HiiliteAlways working on finding the best solutions for internal challenges, he helps the management team make the best possible decisions through clear and concise reporting.

Braydon Davis 

Accounting Associate

Working behind the scenes to make technical results smooth and seamless.

Braydon is passionate about realizing efficiencies and unlocking potential.  He sees the world through an analytical lens (and a pair of glasses, his eyesight could be better) and seeks to bridge the gap between hard data and usable information. Curious, adaptable, and eager to learn, Braydon is constantly adding new skills to his tool belt. 


Badass Creative

Passionate, Motivated, Life-Learner

I may not have all the answers, but I know how to ask the right questions. I’m not looking for a job, I’m seeking a career. Be it marketing, development, writing, or design – I’m passionate about growing as a professional in a collaborative team environment.

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