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William Walczak

Chief Executive Officer

Passion for technology, brands and business.

Will believes that maximum potential is achieved only when the right technology works in concert with the brightest creative minds. He wants to empower those around him to achieve their best results.

Bijoy Benhur

Sr. Marketing Project Manager & Department Lead

Challenging the status quo with creative disruption

Bijoy thrives in effectively managing all manners of marketing work for clients. He cares deeply about optimizing project workflows to achieve standout client satisfactionAlways seeking to understand a client’s needs, Bijoy knows how to help brands develop through the right marketing services and achieve the growth they desire. 

Ajeet Singh

Jr. Project Manager

Creating resonant campaigns and have fun while doing it

An art-kid at heart who has a knack for numbers, Ajeet thrives on developing creative campaigns for clients that yield tangible results. Drawing from his experience in advertising, copywriting, SEO and social media management, he helps brands reach their target consumers. 

Nicole Forbes

Marketing Coordinator

Crafting powerful digital strategies and compelling narratives

Nicole is our dynamic digital marketing and content writing wizard, who expertly blends creativity and strategy. She continually crafts marketing strategies and compelling narratives that resonate with audiences, foster customer engagement, and strengthen brand identity. With impeccable organization skills and attention to detail, Nicole is sure to deliver results.

Heather Treadgold

Sr. Developer

Combining function and layout for optimized perfection.

Heather seamlessly combines her skills as an expert in web development and graphic design to bring functionality and beauty to her client’s projects.

Joseph Fortino



Joseph’s analytical and empathetic nature naturally lends to his ability to understand and turn client visions into reality. He flourishes when he gets the chance to turn large problems into ones that can easily be resolved with his excellent problem-solving abilities. Eager to help get clients results and achieve their goals, Joseph brings a lot to the development table and is always looking for an opportunity to build his skills. 

Kylie Mae



Kylie has a keen eye for finding the best angle and lighting for anyone and anything. As a professional photographer for over 4 years, she has taken a variety of photos for e-commerce, beauty campaigns, portraits of all kinds, and many more. Excited to bring her knowledge and creativity to the table, Kylie knows how to capture the perfect images for every project. 


Georgia Spalding


Creating your perfect scene

Georgia has a extensive knowledge for all things videography. She has shot everything from music videos, weddings, corporate, short films and good ole YouTube videos. Her passion and thoughtfulness will make sure that your videos come out looking better than imagined.


Badass Creative

Passionate, Motivated, Life-Learner

I may not have all the answers, but I know how to ask the right questions. I’m not looking for a job, I’m seeking a career. Be it marketing, development, writing, or design – I’m passionate about growing as a professional in a collaborative team environment.

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