Marketing Project Manager

Bijoy loves creating creative brand strategies and stories that stand out by challenging the status quo. He’s always been fascinated by how our daytoday lives are influenced unconsciously by being exposed to various marketing campaigns. He connected with brands that used outofthebox marketing strategies and engaging storytelling techniques to build a direct connection with the audience. 

Fascinated by business and marketing, Bijoy decided to pursue higher education and completed both his BBA and MBA in Marketing. With previous experience in a Dubai based startup, he has helped numerous clients across UAE establish a solid online presence by planning and executing tailored digital marketing strategies. Additionally, Bijoy also has also worked on improving clients’ SEO to help them rank higher on Google search results, bringing in numerous leads organically, and reducing their dependency on paid ads. 

Outside of work, Bijoy is passionate about football (the real football) and follows different leagues across various countries. He also loves photography and finding ways to capture incredible moments on camera. 

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