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Are you a Toronto business that sells locally or nationally? We excel at increasing client’s search engine rankings. With our services, customers are easily able to find your website when searching the your products & services you offer.

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Local Toronto SEO-What Is It?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an art that involves adhering to Google and other search engines best practices for the purpose of driving targeted website traffic to a relevant website.

Look, we’d be lying if we said SEO was a simple concept. There is so many factors that go into a well executed SEO strategy. That’s why we’d suggest consulting the nerds at Hiilite to do the heavy lifting. Because our agency is so experienced, we are agile in adapting to the ever-changing environment that is Google’s algorithm, which allows you to focus on your core competencies while we take care of getting you shown on the search engine results page.

With the changing marketing environment, the previously profitable marketing techniques like direct mail, brochures, radio advertisements have been overtaken in effectiveness by digital marketing strategies like SEO. Why leave your marketing budget to chance, hoping that the brochure you spent money designing, printing and mailing to a customer is a) your target client and b) that they are far along enough in the sales funnel to purchase from you? With SEO, you target your ideal customer, no matter what stage of the funnel they are in!

Local Toronto SEO services from Hiilite utilize keyword research to match the page’s content with what your website visitors and potential customers. We strengthen your website signals by focusing on the three pillars of SEO.

Organic SEO:

Organic SEO (search engine optimization) is the phrase used to describe processes to obtain a natural placement on organic search engine results pages (SERPs).

Some examples of techniques used for organic SEO include using keywords and keyword analysis, backlinkinglink building to improve link popularity, and writing content relevant for human readers.


Local SEO:

Increasing numbers of searchers (on mobile and desktop devices) are looking for local services providers and businesses. Local SEO strategies help your business stand out in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Small and large changes to  local ranking factors like name, address and phone number (NAP) and customer reviews can help you rise to the top of organic results and even get featured in the carousel. If you’re interested in learning more about Local SEO, you might want to visit the Local Learning Center.

Source: MOZ

Why Is local SEO For Toronto A Good Investment?

  • 96 percent of PC owners use them to search for local businesses.
  • 46 percent of all Google searches are local in nature.
  • 64 percent of local consumers use search engines and business directories as their primary method of finding local businesses.
  • 50 percent of mobile searches inquire about business information such as an address or phone number.
  • 78 percent of mobile searches ultimately result in an offline transaction.
The Anatomy of True SEO ROI

To truly evaluate the impact local Toronto SEO services, we always bring it back to return on investment (ROI). At Hiilite, we provide regular reports that amongst other valuable insights, provides client’s the ability to see how effective our efforts have been in driving targeted traffic from search engines and referrals from other websites. Targeted traffic means traffic that accomplishes the purpose and goals of the website. That could be any of the following:

  • Subscriptions
  • Repeat Traffic
  • Community Involvement
  • Registrations
  • Newsletter Signups
  • Purchases

Each SEO report focuses on and reports the following key elements:

  • Conversions related to the campaign
  • Overall increase in conversions over time
  • Conversions related to search engine traffic
  • Overall increase in search engine traffic
  • Overall increase in unique users and traffic


What We Do At Our Top Toronto SEO Agency

  • Increased Google Rankings

  • Increased Organic (FREE) Traffic

  • Increased Leads & Phone Calls

  • Increased Revenues & Profits

  1. Link Signals (Inbound anchor text, linking domain authority, linking domain quantity, etc.) 27.94%
  2. On-Page Signals (Presence of NAP, keywords in titles, domain authority, etc.) 26.03%
  3. Behavioral Signals (Click-through rate, mobile clicks to call, check-ins, etc.) 11.5%
  4. Google My Business Signals (Proximity, categories, keyword in business title, etc.) 8.85%
  5. Citation Signals (IYP/aggregator NAP consistency, citation volume, etc.) 8.41%
  6. Personalization  7.32%
  7. Review Signals (Review quantity, review velocity, review diversity, etc.) 6.47%
  8. Social Signals (Google engagement, Facebook engagement, Twitter engagement, etc.) 3.47%

Not Sure What These Signals Mean Or How To Improve Them?

How Do We Achieve These Results For Our Toronto SEO Clients?

By understanding search engines’ ranking factors and utilizing a balanced 3-pronged approach to achieve maximum results

What Are Important Features Of Hiilite’s Technical SEO Services For Toronto?

Web Design For SEO

We find that a lot of client’s come to us explaining how they have the most customized, aesthetically pleasing site but simply can not understand why they do not rank well and perform better than their analytics reports suggest.

Our response is simple, you can have the fanciest site on the Internet, but if it’s not designed with SEO in mind, no one is ever going to find it on page 5 of the search engine results.

Our websites are built to be responsive across all devices in combination with an aesthetically pleasing design that is optimized to convert. At Hiilite, the goal is to ensure your website is an asset you can be proud of and your customers have a positive user experience every time they visit.

Site Organization, Architecture, Structure & Internal Link Silo’s

A crucial part of a Toronto SEO strategy needs to be ensuring that your site organization and architecture is easy to use (for your visitors as well as major search engines). What does this mean? We make sure your site is organized in such a way that navigation menus and subpages flow naturally. Doing so provides optimal user experience and allows Google to better understand the content of your website when deciding whether it should be included in their massive index.

404 Errors & Broken Links

Have you ever clicked on a link only to receive a message that the page has been moved, or no longer exists? What do you when this message pops up? You likely head back to Google to check out a different site.

These error messages are a result of 404 status errors and broken links. An improperly optimized site may contain significant numbers of 404 errors and/or broken links. At Hiilite, our Toronto SEO team utilizes advanced tools to sniff out 404 errors and broken links to ensure they are properly handled so that your user experience is not affected and they stick around on YOUR website rather than the competition’s.

Site Speed

Google favours fast websites when determining how to rank websites. This is especially true for those searching on a mobile device. If your site currently loads in three seconds or longer, you are likely missing out on previous website visitors and even more troubling, sales!

Our web developers at Hiilite are highly versed in what kind of impact site speed can have on the SEO of your website. Which is why continuously dedicate time and resources to testing your site, utilizing the tools available to ensure the basics are covered including optimizing images, utilizing a Content Delivery Network (CDN), enabling caching and providing adequate hosting for your site.

Schema Markup

Schema markup is code (semantic vocabulary) that you put on your website to help the search engines return more informative results for users. If you’ve ever used rich snippets, you’ll understand exactly what schema markup is all about.

Optimized For All Devices

A simple, yet often overlooked aspect when designing your site, is ensuring that it is optimized for all devices. With the world, including search, going global, you want to ensure your website is responsive and considers the mobile experience when designing and optimizing.

As part of our website build process, themes used are mobile responsive, but our designers and developers have been trained to also test and QA on all device types to ensure a smooth user experience. Finally, our Toronto SEO experts do a final review of the site to ensure high value conversions/actions are intuitive regardless of the device being used to access the site.

Review And Optimize Your Sitemap

A sitemap is a file where you provide information about the pages, videos, and other files on your site, and the relationships between them. Search engines like Google read this file to more intelligently crawl your site. A sitemap tells the crawler which files you think are important in your site, and also provides valuable information about these files: for example, for pages, when the page was last updated, how often the page is changed, and any alternate language versions of a page.

You can use a sitemap to provide information about specific types of content on your pages, including video and image content. The team at Hiilite is well versed in reviewing your website’s sitemap ensuring it is accurately crawled and indexed in  a way that is most optimal.

Site Security

Search engines are in the business of providing the best possible experience to their users that they can. It makes sense that Google takes security very seriously. This goes back to the three pillars of SEO (Authority, Relevance and Trust).

Google is much more likely to show your site to searchers if it knows that they can trust the websites content, that customers are unlikely to get scammed, hacked or breached in any fashion. In fact, if your website does not provide adequate security for visitors, it can be de-indexed from Google entirely, causing you to miss out on precious traffic and sales.

Because of this, the Hiilite team is well aware of the risks associated from operating on a non-secure website (http) and can take action quickly to add security to your site to ensure your visitors do not experience risk and allow you to reap the SEO benefits over your competitors that fail to take similar action.

If you are unsure how to install an SSL certificate on to your website, we highly suggest you contact our Toronto SEO team to have it done ASAP.

Correct Usage Of Redirects, Canonical & No-Index Tags

This a bit more advanced technical SEO, but each is of vital importance to your Toronto SEO strategy. Failure to properly implement any of these can greatly impact the amount of traffic you receive.

Ensuring Your Site Makes Use Of Powerful Tools

Even the websites with the greatest search engine rankings leverage powerful tools that are readily available. Our SEO experts in Toronto can help you level the playing field by ensuring proper plugins and tools are installed and activated.

Some of these tools include those available from Google, like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console). Both of which allow you to monitor KPI’s that allow you to make data-driven decisions about how best to optimize a page on your website.

Another useful plugin that can really benefit your SEO on WordPress websites, is Yoast SEO. Be sure to contact the team at Hiilite for instructions on how to install any of the tools mentioned here.

What Are Important Features Of Hiilite’s On Page SEO Services For Toronto?

Performing High-Level Audit Of Current Site & Identifying Priority Fixes

Before evaluating how much room for growth your website has, we first need to benchmark where it is currently at.

The first step is reporting on highest priority changes, analyzing the gaps and how best to make them better. Finally, we optimize using this data and start this process over from scratch to determine its effectiveness.

Key to this process for Hiilite’s Toronto SEO team is to perform bi-weekly or monthly SEO audits

Competitive Landscape Analysis

Examining your competition’s digital presence and SEO is crucial to outranking them online. Think about it, if you are trying to ensure that customers searching for your products/services choose your website over your competitors, how can you do that if there is a disconnect between the keywords, categories, products, etc. that your website is targeting compared to your competitors? The answer is you can’t.

Our role as a Toronto digital marketing agency specializing in SEO is to do the heavy lifting in terms of identifying what strategies your competition uses to perform well online and generate solutions to how our client’s will leapfrog them.

Keyword Research

Perhaps the most important factor of any SEO campaign is keyword research. We touched on how we determine the keyword strategies your competition is going after, but it’s also important to understand the landscape and more importantly, the intent of keywords to decide if they make sense to utilize for clients.

Our team of SEO experts in Toronto utilize a number of tools to determine the level of search volume (how many times a given keyword is searched on Google in a month), the keyword difficulty (how difficult it is to rank highly for a given keyword based on the level of competition), and how relevant a given keyword is based on the content of your site.

Developing Content Marketing Strategy With Keyword Mapping

After investing time in keyword research it is important to note that it is NOT enough to simply identify your target keywords and then paste them on to a page and assume you are going to rank for them.

This is where what our Toronto SEO team likes to call keyword mapping, comes into play.

Keyword mapping is essentially the blueprint where we identify what type of content will be created for a given keyword. Based on the benchmark analysis we conduct, we know how many words are needed to rank, how many videos, images, the tone of voice required, etc. and create a roadmap that guarantee success. This is the power of utilizing data-driven strategies.

Google My Business Listing Optimization & Local Toronto SEO

Google My Business is a free local business directory many potential customers look at before deciding where to make a purchase. You have noticed times when you type in a search query and are shown a map with three listings below. This is known as the local 3-Pack, or Map Pack. These are extremely valuable positions as they generate tons of clicks for local searchers.

Because of this, it is vital for local Toronto businesses to not only create a Google My Business listing, but also optimize it in a similar fashion to that of your website. At Hiilite, we place great importance on creating your Google My Business listing for you, but also optimizing it for the key ranking signals (shown below).

  1. Google My Business Signals (Proximity, categories, keyword in business title, etc.) 25.12%
  2. Link Signals (Inbound anchor text, linking domain authority, linking domain quantity, etc.) 16.53%
  3. Review Signals (Review quantity, review velocity, review diversity, etc.) 15.44%
  4. On-Page Signals (Presence of NAP, keywords in titles, domain authority, etc.) 13.82%
  5. Citation Signals (IYP/aggregator NAP consistency, citation volume, etc.) 10.82%
  6. Behavioral Signals (Click-through rate, mobile clicks to call, check-ins, etc.) 9.56%
  7. Personalization  5.88%
  8. Social Signals (Google engagement, Facebook engagement, Twitter engagement, etc.) 2.82%

In addition to the above, Hiilite’s Toronto SEO team holds relationships with local directories in a variety of industries to ensure your listing information is syndicated consistently. Not only does this help with the citation and NAP (Name and Phone Number) signals, but it also provides an opportunity to build backlinks to your website from highly authoritative local websites, further boosting your local ranking online.

On Site Optimization And Hiilite’s Focus On CTR Optimization

On Site Optimization involves optimizing a variety of key elements on your website’s individual pages including: URL structure, headings, title tags and meta descriptions, keyword placement and density, image file names and alt text attributes and your internal and external linking. This is the foundation of a successful Toronto SEO campaign.

URL Structure

Optimizing the URL structure of your website is another important ranking factor. Google prefers concise URL’s that adequately explain what the page’s content is about but also follows the site’s natural architecture. For example, if it is a blog post on a topic, you would be best served to create a URL such as Adding keywords to your URL can further strengthen your chances of ranking for that keyword.


Including clear headings in your web page gives a clear indication to Google and other search engines the layout of your content. In addition to being beneficial for search engines, these headings also allow for a better user experience (especially for those simply skimming a page’s content).

Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

Title tags are important both for Google and for visitors to your website, as they provide an immediate indication of the page’s content and appear prominently on search engine results. Implementing keywords in your title tags is of great importance here.

A meta description is a brief summary of the web page that appears in search engine results. Google has said that meta descriptions are not a direct ranking factor. However, meta descriptions provide a great opportunity to entice a user to click on your website.

Where Hiilite differs from other Toronto SEO agencies, is that we go the extra mile to not only ensure you have a title tag and meta description, but also performing click-through rate (CTR) optimization. It is one thing to include a keyword in your title tag and meta description, but we surround those keywords with text that evokes emotions of curiousity or intrigue. Doing so dramatically improves the chances a searcher will click on your page rather than your competition.

Keyword Placement & Density

As we’ve mentioned, there perhaps isn’t a more important aspect than keywords when it comes to Toronto SEO. Our team at Hiilite is experienced in strategically placing your identified keywords in high value areas of your content. These include: URL’s, title tags, meta descriptions, image file names and alt text, headings, and throughout your content.

Image File Names & Alt Text

Why is it important to have your site’s images perform well on search engines? Did you know that roughly ⅓ of Google searches are for images?  If your site’s images rank well it is just another opportunity for a potential customer to find your site and complete a purchase.

For best results in search engines, ensure your image file names contain your target keyword. Ideally, these keywords would also be found in your image’s ALT text (learn more about ALT text).

External Links

External links are those that, when clicked, take the user to another website. In Toronto for example, if you are trying to rank well locally, you’d be best served to externally link to authoritative websites in your area such as the City of Toronto or Toronto Tourism.

Internal Links

Internal links are those that, when clicked, take the user to another page on your website. These are incredibly important both for the user experience and for search engines. A proper internal link structure helps pass authority to other pages on your site, as well as provides a natural navigation for users. For example, if after reading this page you may realize the importance of having a web design suitable more mobile, so it makes sense to internally link to our website design services page.

What Are Important Features Of Hiilite’s Off Page SEO Services For Toronto?

Backlink Acquisition

If you are familiar with SEO in the slightest, you’ve like heard of how important backlinks are to ranking a website. Backlinks are when another site externally links to your website because they view it to be a authoritative, relevant and trustful source of certain information. The more backlinks you earn, the more authoritative your website becomes on that particular topic and in-turn, increases the likelihood that Google will serve your website to searchers seeking information on the topic.

Some of the ways Hiilite acquires backlinks include:

  • Creating engaging content that answers questions on trending topics that people will naturally want to link to
  • Email outreach to relevant website owners that would benefit from linking to our clients’ asset as a valuable resource to their visitors
  • Guest posting on relevant websites

Content Syndication Including Press Releases & Media Features

Our Toronto SEO team has formed strong relationships locally to increase word-of-mouth marketing that creates brand awareness quickly.

Social Signals

Our Social Media marketing services in Toronto help contribute to the social signals your web page receives. As part of our ongoing SEO retainers, we continuously post to your accounts that naturally receives likes, comments, subscribes, followers, etc.

What Separates Hiilite From The Rest Of The Toronto SEO Agencies?

Safe practices to ensure long term success

Search Engine Optimization is a long-term strategy of tactic and foresight. You need to be able to respond to the needs of savvy internet customers, which makes it crucial for a business to have a firm grip on who wants what, where, and why. Partnering with a Toronto SEO agency can help boost your search engine ranking, which is crucial as it will help get you in front of a relevant audience.

Choosing the right Toronto SEO Agency to work with can make or break your business. That said, your goal should be to get a reliable, local marketing agency that will help your business gain visibility online and spread the necessary words about your products or services to the right people and on the right platforms.

Holistic content creation team in house

In house team that can create unlimited content IN HOUSE (blogs, video, podcasts, photos, marketing collateral, signage, logos, design, ANYTHING). This is a huge advantage over SEO agencies that don’t have this option has we can curate exceptional assets that allow naturally builds backlinks for our clients because of the value they provide.

Data-driven to provide maximum ROI

A dedicated SEO analyst that can swiftly derive actionable insights from the reports to make website changes that are supported by data.

Frequently Asked SEO Questions

Is SEO In Toronto Necessary For Success?

The short answer is yes. If you have an incredibly strong brand you may generate sufficient sales simply from those searching for your branded products. However, if you are just starting out, or operate in an extremely saturated industry, you need to compete online. Traditional methods of advertising just don’t have the impact or ROI of digital marketing and SEO. Finally, your competitors are optimizing their websites for search engines. If you choose not to, you are losing precious market share in your local area.

What Other Internet Marketing Strategies Are There?

Other alternatives include: pay per click advertising on Google or Facebook, which can be very expensive. The thing about SEO is that it is long-term. If you are able to rank atop Google’s search engine results pages, you will receive guaranteed traffic that is completely FREE. SEO is something that you can do on your own using the strategies that have been mentioned, or you can use a professional Toronto SEO company like Hiilite to do all of the work for you, skyrocketing your rankings, allowing you to focus on other areas of your marketing.

What Is Unique About Toronto SEO?

Popular Events & Tourism

A good SEO strategy considers popular events occurring in Toronto and leverages them into content on the site. For instance, Toronto, along with Montreal, hosts an annual tennis tournament called the Canadian Open (not to be confused with the identically named golf tournament) between the months of July and August. In odd-numbered years, the men’s tournament is held in Montreal, while the women’s tournament is held in Toronto, and vice versa in even-numbered years. We would be sure to include content related to these events on blogs, social content and more.

Additionally, a great resource for Toronto SEO content, is to generate content on tourism activities the region is known for. Doing so provides opportunity for our client’s website to reach relevant visitors for potential revenue generating opportunities. For example, if our client is a hotel and we created a blog post commenting on one of the many food and dining options that are available in the region, our client could potentially benefit from those visitors reading our post that need to select their accommodation after booking their food tour.


Toronto covers an area of 630 square kilometres (243 sq mi),with a maximum north–south distance of 21 kilometres (13 mi). It has a maximum east–west distance of 43 km (27 mi) and it has a 46-kilometre (29 mi) long waterfront shoreline, on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario. The Toronto Islands and Port Lands extend out into the lake, allowing for a somewhat sheltered Toronto Harbour south of the downtown core

Because of this, we would be sure to include location modifiers in any SEO campaign so as to target relevant visitors to our client’s website. For example: ‘A Guide To Buying Nike Shoes In Toronto’ might be a potential blog for a shoe store located in Toronto.

About Hiilite’s Toronto SEO Business

Our roots date back to 2004, and we have been serving customers in the Toronto community ever since. We firmly believe that everything communicates and we work to ensure this value and belief system is in everything we do for clients including their SEO strategy.

We’ve achieved first page ratings for Toronto business in a wide variety of industries including, dentistry, roofing, clothing stores, realtors and more! We keep our tone friendly and are unafraid to challenge the status quo.

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