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Developing a website for your business needs to be a balance between a beautiful design and the right functionality.

Once we have determined your target audience and your business plan, we can help you to choose the right platform to accomplish your goals.

A business websites requires an intuitive balance of information along with an easy way for customers to contact or book with your company. That is where we start. After that we tailor your site to the needs of your business. Developing content to boost SEO allows us to establish you as the expert in your field. We include custom contact forms, questionnaires and ways to collect feedback.

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Our process for website design starts with understanding your business and your goals. What do you want to achieve? What functionality do you require? Will your site contain mostly static content or is it dynamic and interactive? We walk you through the information architecture process of website planning quickly and painlessly. Understanding your needs and goals allows us to thoughtfully develop a website design that will work in tandem with your online marketing strategy.


Content Development

Modern web development services should focus on designing around the user experience. A website’s design is only useful if it is full of images and content that your end user will find valuable and will drive them to connect with you. Content writing for the web is different than writing any other marketing material. The more relevant and useful content you have on your website, the more it will increase your ranking and visitation. Bad content can hurt your message and drive people away. Hiilite’s web development services generate the right content to create an impressive online presence.



Many companies are moving beyond the borders of bricks and mortar and are expanding into the online marketplace. We can build and design e-commerce websites of every size, big and small. From PayPal to PCI Compliant gateways that process credit cards directly on your website. With our e-commerce add-on for WordPress, we can implement a gateway that will allow you to easily add and maintain a list of products, and sell directly from your WordPress website.


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