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Luan Jardine

Account Manager

Luan specializes in Creative Marketing. Creative Marketing encompasses strategy, design, writing, advertising, and more with a creative edge. Through ethically learned practice from her education at UBCO, she collaborates with clients executing tasks and exceeding expectations. She works hard to master every aspect of marketing she can. Luan feels that in order to make an effective brand and happy client, then you have to have clear communication, active listening, and timely execution.

One of Luan’s favourite parts of working at Hiilite is the opportunity it has given her to grow her skillset in Facebook Advertising. Click here to read a blog post written about one of her jewelry Facebook ads.

When Luan isn’t working, she’s crafting at home, spending time with her dog, or working on her blog, Barricade Mantra.

Stephanie Ford

Content Strategist

Having worked as a freelance writer while she searched for her forever home, Stephanie comes equipped with the ability to craft SEO-driven content with precision. She thrives on the challenge of tackling something new, and believes no topic is too big, too small, or too boring to be brought to life!

She has vast experience working with professional services providers. Turning industry lingo or data-heavy ideas into digestible information is a breeze for her. She thrives on the challenge of building small ideas into content that bring big results. Her SEO knowledge means she keeps Google’s algorithm in mind at every turn.

Stephanie moved from Australia to Europe before accidentally finding herself in Kelowna and falling in love with the place. Outside of work, she likes getting outside.

Stephanie completed her Bachelor of Laws and Diploma of Financial Planning before working in the legal industry for a few years. She eventually realized that her writing prowess and ability to quickly research and grasp information could be better utilized in the wide world of content. So, she set off to learn, upskill and build herself a client base.

She has considerable experience working with legal startups and SaaS and UCaaS providers, having worked with the likes of ARAG (the world’s largest legal indemnity insurer) and TIQ Time. Finding that her passion for the outdoors gives her an edge within the adventure and tourism niche, she has also worked with regional governments in Sweden and sports apparel companies on their content and marketing strategy.

Arcui Usoara

Brand Strategist

Arcui is a self-taught, brand strategist. He started very early in his career right from middle school. Arcui began by learning remotely as a designer for companies alongside other more experienced professionals who helped guide him along. 

He’s now an expert strategist, agency owner, author, and coach for newbie designers and creative businesses. Arcui understands the world of design and branding can be challenging, so he makes it easy for his clients by making the sessions fun, interactive, and timely to give them clarity. 

Outside of work, Arcui spends most his time, cooking, working out, and creating opportunities for others to build upon. He loves spending time with his family, and best friend (and her german shepherd). Arcui always enjoys striking up a conversation with anyone, keen on hearing their story. 

Mitch Mills


As a designer, Mitch finds passion in clarifying an organization’s purpose, defining its voice, and understand its customers; all while mediating the space between users and the information they need by building intuitive, user-centric interfaces that engage, delight and communicate clearly across all devices.

Before starting at Hiilite, Mitch worked as an automotive service technician. His time as a tech introduced him to a myriad of technical and practical skills, however as a career it only ever satisfied his drive to learn, failing to provide any real creative satisfaction.

He began his journey at Vancouver Film School, where he was initially drawn with intrigue to motion graphics. However, he quickly discovered an affinity for communication design and analytical processes, likely an artifact from his time as a technician. Mitch graduated with honours from Vancouver Film School with a Diploma in Digital Design and having received two user experience design awards for his graduate project. Since then he’s been pursuing a successful design career at Hiilite.

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