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How To Design A Visual Identity For Your Brand

How To Design A Visual Identity For Your Brand

Design – Visual Identity

How your brand represents itself visually is an essential factor to your overall business. Creating consistency in your branding allows your customers to easily identify your business. If your brand’s visual identity is scattered, you will spend more time and money than is necessary gaining brand recognition and reach for your brand.

What do you need for Visual Identity?

  • Colour Palette

    • This gives you a guide to use not only in your logo, but in all your messaging. Continuity with brand colours makes sure that everything stays consistent and communicates properly to your audience.
  • Logo

    • Your logo should symbolize your business or organization. It will become one of the most recognizable parts of your brand and should have professional design.
  • Work Mark

    • Sometimes a logo is a simple word mark, but other times a word mark can be a great addition to a brand.
  • Email Signature

    • Everything in your business communicates and even simple things can help to create brand consistency.
  • Font

    • The font that you choose to use not only in your logo, but in all communication will also create your visual brand. It is important to remember that every area of your brand communicates and it is important that they are all producing the same message.
  • Photography Guidelines

    • These can be very loose guidelines, but it is important to create a direction, especially if your company plans on using social media platforms such as Instagram. What is the overall feel of the photography, is it staged or more casual? etc.

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