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Reinvention & Adaptation of Brands

Planning your brand for the future can only go so far. Brands must be adaptive, reflexive, and able to change to hold the interest of a diverse culture. For larger companies trying to grow their market share, taking risks is integral to growth and preventing stagnation. Risks come at a cost, whether it is increasing…

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Jean-ius Branding & Brand Identity

The value of a brand is built upon how your audience perceives you. Leading brands thrive through promoting a lifestyle, experience, and an ideology that resonates with their potential customer base. Brands are constantly communicating their value, and successful brands reach ubiquity through a constant reforming of their image to reinvigorate their appeal. Levi’s, for…

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Company Logo Design Tips | Branding Strategy Advice

One way to measure a successful brand is by their logo recognition. A well-designed logo is memorable and establishes brand recognition. The primary function of a logo is to capture the attention of your potential and current customer base and form a connection with them. Each logo is carefully crafted to capture your unique branding…

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Understanding Personal Branding with Angela Roy

The tricky part about personal branding is balancing the end result between what the customers expect from your brand as well as what you feel represents yourself. If the entrepreneur does not feel connected with their own brand, it will not translate the passion that person has for their business. On the flip-side however,...

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Why Your Business Needs Good Design

While running your business, you are faced with a plethora of decisions. It can be tempting to take the easier and cheaper option to reduce your up-front costs. However, when it comes to developing your brand's design, this shouldn't be the corner you cut.

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Branding As An Experience

“At the end of the day people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” ― Maya Angelou This applies to your business as well. The creative process that brings your business from an idea to reality is never void of emotion. The trick is finding what feelings...

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