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Brand Identity Guide: The Psychology of Branding

Brand Identity Guide: The Psychology of Branding

A reputable brand requires consistency, great service, and high quality products to inspire confidence and reputable recognition in your company.

Ensuring you achieve the same high level of consistency, trust, and brand recognition among your clients 100% of the time requires following a specific set of guidelines. Our Brand Identity Guide is created with this goal in mind and based on the psychology of branding.

Brand Identity Guide

The Brand Identity Guide is specifically tailored for your brand. We design custom colours and fonts, in both print and web, to ensure consistency across mediums. Everything your company produces from your website, to print material to email signatures will be streamlined.

The Brand Identity Guide is an excellent reference to give to suppliers working on your brand. This will ensure a high standard of consistency is met.  

Brand Identity Visuals

As your company grows, the Brand Identity Guide is an excellent reference to show your new employees the expectations and goals set out for the company. This gives every employee the tools to be an effective brand advocate and ensure high standards are met.

Visuals are an important component, but the written content that accompanies your visuals is essential. We determine a voice that complements the visuals and ensures your content seamlessly communicates your message.

Brand Identity Voice

We help carve out a niche and influential brand voice that’s unique to your brand identity and message. Customizing a specific voice that targets your desired customer base genuinely connects your customers on a psychological level. The Brand Identity Guide ensures all company employees effectively embody the voice and spirit of your brand

The best part about working with Hiilite is we’re always available for further assistance. We are here to answer any questions that you have after receiving your final product. We understand new situations arise and we will support you throughout the entire process. Give us a call or reach out if you want to know how to best display your new brand.

Meet Our Designer Team

You won’t find a more enthusiastic, qualified and innovative design team. Our Hiilite design team works diligently and hard to make sure that you are set up for success with any new design or re-brand. Our design team will match the passion for your brand that makes you a great business owner.

At Hiilite, our passionate, creative and innovative team is committed to providing superb quality customer service. We deliver results-focused marketing services while building thriving relationships that fuel growth and catapult our people and our clients to success.


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