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Company Logo Design Tips | Branding Strategy Advice

Company Logo Design Tips | Branding Strategy Advice

One way to measure a successful brand is by their logo recognition. A well-designed logo is memorable and establishes brand recognition.

The primary function of a logo is to capture the attention of your potential and current customer base and form a connection with them. Each logo is carefully crafted to capture your unique branding identity and message. 

The Importance of Logos

Logos are embedded in our culture and way of life. They influence our decisions, communicate a multitude of ideas and represent a company’s values.

Design tools, techniques and trends continue to evolve. Finding simplistic, fresh and timeless designs is always at the forefront of our minds. Considering the number of companies and logos that people come into contact with on a daily basis, a company only has a split second to impress and attract.

The first impression has to be bold and memorable.

Logo Designs Influence and Communicate to Target Customers

Your logo is a strategic tool to entice and connect with your target customer. The ideal logo design balances aesthetic with strategy. This will ensure your company will be identified and stand out from other logos and competitors.

As humans, we have an affinity for visuals. The right combination of shapes and colours will inspire us on an emotional level and leave a memorable impression. We associate certain fonts, shapes and colours with specific emotions and objects.

We will immediately make judgements, and perceive a company based on these factors. It’s important to tap into those associations in order to accurately target and promote your company.

If we perceive a company as too expensive, corporate, radical and so forth, we may dismiss it. We’re always looking for the kind of company that we can identify with, and the logo is a huge part of that process. We choose brands and logos because we want to be associated with them and actively seek engagement in order to buy its products and services. It’s essential the logo correctly represents you and the right audience to ensure your company will succeed.

An Effective Logo is the Bedrock of Your Company’s Visuals

Logos should be versatile and take into consideration the context in which they will be presented to the world. Logos are located in a variety of places including the small corner on your Instagram page, on product packaging or items and any number of other places.

The first step of our design process is understanding your company’s core values. Effective branding cultivates a sense of belonging and inspires a deeper sense of connectivity with your target audience. Our goal is to capture that essence in a single glance.

Once we have established a clear vision and deeper understanding of your company and your target audience, we put pencil to paper. In these beginning stages, our designers create multiple sketches and build from there. An essential part of the creative process is playing with colours, wording, fonts and visuals. This allows for a multitude of fresh ideas and a range of strong logo options. After this process is complete, we will select a number of designs to present to you with a description of the purpose of each design. We will present our designs, ask for feedback and input, and complete any revisions that are needed. The goal is to design a logo that embodies the same passion you have for your brand.

At Hiilite, our passionate, creative and innovative team is committed to delivering results-focused marketing services while building thriving relationships that fuel growth and catapult our people and our clients to success.


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