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What Incentive Motivates You?

An incentive is something that motivates an individual to perform an action. Whether you are trying to motivate your team to reach their potential, a creative to design great work, or your husband to go to the gym; everyone has a unique incentive that works for them. Incentives can be broken down into three categories:…

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Simplicity in Design

   Logical and Uncomplicated Aspirations   Logical, uncomplicated, simple design is a mainstay trend that most designers aspire to in their work. Unless you’re attempting to create an art piece, these are universally appreciated concepts for the end-user. How you accomplish it differs based on industry, but given that simplicity has become a core tenet…

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How We Create Brands- ABC Medicinals Hiilite

Have you ever wondered how eye catching brands are created? If you work in design or marketing, this is likely a question that you focus on daily. When our team is branding, we are constantly asking ourselves... "How can we create a collection of images, content and designs that perfectly encapsulate the emotions and energy…

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