Read more on Oh, the Geekery: Star Trek Devices that Become A Reality

Oh, the Geekery: Star Trek Devices that Become A Reality

Science fiction is well known for outlandish and futuristic gadgets. It’s not difficult to see how sci-fi creators are responsible for inspiring a number of real technological advancements that have shaped our modern world. From Star Trek to 2001: A Space Odyssey and beyond, Sci-Fi has had a direct effect on the trajectory of technological…

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Freelancing: A New Way to Future-proof Your Workforce

In the digital era more and more of our business is happening online, which is great news for freelancers and businesses alike! Taking advantage of this new form of labour can pay off substantially - freelancers appreciate being independent and flexible, while businesses can maintain a consistent workflow without needing additional office space or conventional…

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Hustle + Creativity – Entrepreneurs Verses Hip Hop Artists

  Sir Richard Branson and Kendrick Lamar. There is literally no way to make these two men more dissimilar...right?   When you hear the phrase “start-up”, you might think of a colourful office in Silicon Valley, adorned with every Apple product under the sun like some sort of weird Steve Jobs shrine. And when someone…

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Search Optimized Academics

Right now, there are millions of individuals conducting important and fascinating research across the globe within universities and other scientific institutions- and what a shame it is that the general public will never be exposed to the majority of that research. Information only has power if it can be shared with others. If a researcher…

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Read more on Fintech: Revolutionizing Financial Freedom

Fintech: Revolutionizing Financial Freedom

Viva la Financial Revolution // A Solution   The way we bank and invest has evolved and transformed with the emerging fintech industry. Fintech seamlessly unites financial services with technology to create large scale financial solutions that can be accessed by anyone connected to the internet. Online platforms such as Betterment, Wealthfront and Vanguard have…

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Simplicity in Design

   Logical and Uncomplicated Aspirations   Logical, uncomplicated, simple design is a mainstay trend that most designers aspire to in their work. Unless you’re attempting to create an art piece, these are universally appreciated concepts for the end-user. How you accomplish it differs based on industry, but given that simplicity has become a core tenet…

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Read more on Reinvention & Adaptation of Brands
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Reinvention & Adaptation of Brands

Planning your brand for the future can only go so far. Brands must be adaptive, reflexive, and able to change to hold the interest of a diverse culture. For larger companies trying to grow their market share, taking risks is integral to growth and preventing stagnation. Risks come at a cost, whether it is increasing…

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Read more on Jean-ius Branding & Brand Identity
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Jean-ius Branding & Brand Identity

The value of a brand is built upon how your audience perceives you. Leading brands thrive through promoting a lifestyle, experience, and an ideology that resonates with their potential customer base. Brands are constantly communicating their value, and successful brands reach ubiquity through a constant reforming of their image to reinvigorate their appeal. Levi’s, for…

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As a professional, your headshot is the communication tool that speaks for you when you are not there.   It is the face of your entire online appearance and the personal touch of your physical marketing materials. The quality of your headshot broadcasts an image to the general public- does your photo accurately portray your…

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A Business Model With Its Eyes Wide Open

Tina Walczak, Tylor Jarczewski, Gabriel Lalonde, Suzanne Ellis, Sunny Chandan & Jade Lowe – UglyFace founders Instead of relying only on charities to fix the issues of the world, the founders of UglyFace believe that a typical business model can be modified in order to resolve massive global problems from global warming to world hunger.…

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