Transfer email accounts and messages between cPanel servers

If you want to transfer the email accounts and messages for a domain from one server to another, you can easily do this by completing two simple steps. Let’s call the domain for example. Make sure that you have an account with the domain or the domain is added as Parked or Addon in cPanel at the destination server.

1. Open your preferred FTP client, connect to the hosting account where the email accounts/messages currently are and navigate to the etc/ sub folder. There you will see a folder named or the name of the domain you want to transfer the messages for. Download this folder anywhere to your local PC. This folder contains the email accounts associated with the corresponding domain.

Now connect with your FTP client to the server where you want to transfer the accounts/messages. Navigate again to the etc/ sub folder and upload the previously downloaded folder. With this, the transfer of the email accounts is completed.

The last step is to transfer the email messages. Before proceeding with step 2, remove or rename the downloaded folder on your local PC.

2. Simply repeat the process from step 1, but this time navigate to the mail/ sub folder of the account where the messages are stored, download to your local PC, connect to the other account where you want to transfer the messages and upload the folder to the mail/ sub folder of the destination account. With this, the transfer of your email accounts and messages is completed.

You should be able to open cPanel > Email accounts of the destination account and see the email accounts for listed.

IMPORTANT: The above will not work on SiteGround’s shared and semi-dedicated servers due to their specific setup. If you need your mail/ and etc/ folders, please contact our support team for assistance.

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