Making Competitive Analysis Apart Of Your Marketing Strategy

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Making Competitive Analysis Apart Of Your Marketing Strategy

Strategy – Competitive Analysis

As a critical part of your marketing strategy, Hiilite wants to ensure that we a competitive analysis is conducted to understand the companies who will be competing for your market share. Understanding your competitors allows us to determine the following:


Knowing what your competitors are doing well allows us to understand how to help position your company properly in your market. If your competition owns a significant portion of the market share, we know what they are doing is working. That means we have to do it better. Hiilite is here to support you to achieve the best results possible.


If your competitors are struggling with a part of their business, it gives us a great opportunity to capitalize. For example if your competitor struggles with service that leads to bad reviews, your company can set itself apart by providing exceptional service. This will in turn lead to 5-star reviews. When you combine those reviews with the right competitive analysis SEO strategy, your business will soon become SEO dominant.

Marketing Strategy

Establishing a competitor analysis framework allows Hiilite to structure your marketing strategy properly. There are many competitor analysis models as well as many different platforms that can be utilized when working to market your company. With this analysis we can identify areas where we can compete and areas where we can branch out and target a new section of the market.

Unsure of how to conduct a Competitive Analysis for your brand?

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