Benefits of Content Marketing

Benefits of Content Marketing

It can be tough to wrap your head around the benefits of content marketing, let alone allocate money and resources to it. But we’ve all probably heard the buzz word going around that “content is king” in SEO, and everything else comes second. There is no myth or misconception around this fact, without content what would Google or Bing be crawling on a daily basis? And search engine are getting smarter at finding good content that answers a user’s questions.

Think about how a user searches:

  1. You have the need for an answer, solution or other piece of information.
  2. You then formulate a string of words (referred to as a “query”).
  3. You enter your query into a search engine.
  4. Browser through the first couple results in the SERP (search engine results page).
  5. Click the result that seems to best describe the solution to your query based on the brief amount of information displayed within the SERP.
  6. If unsatisfied, go back to the SERP and try another link or query.

This model is how Google bases its entire search engine on – delivering quality information that is most likely to answer its users questions. So there isn’t much you can do to cheat this system, other than actually displaying quality content for users.

Content is anything that communicates a message to an audience.  It’s not just limited to long-form articles or infographics, it includes every snippet of text within your site: every tweet, every quote, every tagline, it’s all content. So, it’s important to give time to thinking about a content strategy and the type of content you want to deliver to your users.

How Content Marketing Benefits You

Let’s start with the more obvious ways that are more easily measurable.

1. Site Traffic

Great content can bring more viewer to your site, and hopefully those users will stick around to look at what other products or services you offer.

2. Improved SEO

This is the whole reason we are creating content, to get higher ranking in Google. Writing great content that gets noticed by an editorial, that publishes a link to your site, tells Google you’re important and that you know what you’re talking about. It’s a high school popularity contest, you want the link from the most popular kids on the block, and this will in turn make you even more popular with everyone else in the neighbourhood.

3. Direct Customer Conversions

Having great product or service descriptions can convince users the what you offer is unique, and this can in turn drive your customer numbers up.

Those are just the measurable benefits of content marketing, but some other benefits that you may not notice right away are:

1. Brand Awareness

Creating content gives your users something to talk about, which can instill word-of-mouth marketing (which is the best kind of marketing you could hope for).

2. Industry Respect

You want to be known as an authority in your industry, and what better way of showing that then having great, informative, trustworthy content. This can make you customers that much more likely to choose you over your competition.

3. Indirect Conversions

By targeting your content at potential customers, you shorten the distance between them and you product or service, making it more likely that they may purchase at a later time. This applies even if your content does not apply to what you’re offering.

4. Coordination

Having good content laid out on you site can help communicate your message to your staff, marketing department, designers, web developers, ect… They can use the content to deliver a cohesive messaging across all platforms, from print, web, social media, ect…

When Will I See Results?

Right off the bat, you must realize that none of these benefits will show up immediately. Content marketing takes time to build momentum, so don’t expect to see results the next day. But also don’t let anyone tell you that it’s not working.

Don’t give up on your content marketing just because you see a slight drop in traffic, just hang in there and keep producing.