Benefits of Content Marketing

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Benefits of Content Marketing

Content is any written text that communicates your message to an audience. In website design, it includes every snippet of text from long-form articles, infographics, quotes, taglines, information about services or products, and reviews.

Quality and strategic content is essential for effective SEO (Search Engine Optomization), which is precisely why the phrase “content is king” is often associated with web marketing. Without web content and SEO, we would not have accurate Google and other search engine searches.

SEO and Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)

When strategizing the type of content you want to deliver, consider why we search. We enter a query in a search bar when we are seeking an answer, solution, or piece of information. We browse the results until we find a link that looks promising based on the brief information displayed in the SERP.

This model is how Google bases its entire search engine. The goal is to deliver quality information that accurately answers the users query. Therefore, it’s essential to display quality content for users.

Content Marketing Benefits

Quality content will increase site traffic, which increases the chances of users viewing the products or services your offer, and returning to your site in the future.  

The purpose of creating content is to achieve higher ranking in Google. Writing quality content that gets noticed by an editorial site, or linked to several other sites, tells Google you’re important, trusted and knowledgeable. The web is quite literally, a web of connections, and you want to be as interconnected as possible.

Direct Customer Conversions

Well written product and service descriptions demonstrates your brand’s uniqueness, value, and attention to detail. If users like your site, they will share your link with their network of friends and family. This will increase site traffic and your customer base.

Targeting your content to a specific audience increases the likelihood of reaching potential customers that will purchase your products or services from your company in the future. Even if your content does not directly talk about the services or products you offer, it demonstrates your knowledge base.

Content Consistency

It’s essential your brand is reputable within your industry. Informative, consistent and trustworthy content will reassure customers that your products or services stand above your competitor.

Quality content on your site will help seamlessly communicate your message among departments. This is especially important as your company grows. The information on your site is an excellent resource to deliver a cohesive messaging across all platforms, from print, web, social media, and more.

Results and Long-term Benefits

Content marketing takes time to build momentum. As with anything, it is important to build a solid foundation so that it can grow.

At Hiilite, our passionate, creative and innovative team is committed to providing superb quality customer service. We deliver results-focused marketing services while building thriving relationships that fuel growth and catapult our people and our clients to success.

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