This document is meant as a guide for the optimal settings for setting up a new Adwords campaign. By no means are the the best, or the be all end all, settings; but rather just to be users as a base point for staff at Hiilite to use when doing a new client setup.

Campaign Settings

  • Type : Search Network only – All features
  • Bid Strategy:
    Focus on conversions (when possible)
    Focus on clicks
  • + Enable Enhanced CPC
  • Ad delivery: Ad rotation, frequency capping
  • Ad rotation:
    Optimize for conversions

Ad schedule

This can be set once the campaign has some data (usually at least 2 weeks worth). Set the Bid adj. for the highest converting or CTR to a max of 20%.


This can be set once the campaign has some data (usually at least 2 weeks worth).
Bid adj. Mobile to Increase to a max of 20% if Conv. or CTR is higher then desktop.
Decrease by a max of 10% is desktop CTR or Conv. is higher


Each ad-group in any given search campaign should have the following Ad types:

  • Text ad (with Keyword targeting)
  • Dynamic search ad
  • Call-only Ad


  • Delete keywords with “low search volume”
  • Change keywords with Quality Score below 5 to either “phrase match” or [exact match], else delete
  • Add an Automate rule to “Increase keyword bids to top of page CPC”Requirements: Impressions >= 5
  • Email results: No emails

Negative keywords

Add negative keyword list found in Drive

Search terms

Add terms that have good CTR


Add Remarking list
Targeting -> Interests & remarketing -> All Users -> Target and bid

Ad extensions

Required: Location extension, Call extension

Auto targets

Add a Dynamic Ad Target for “All webpages”