The Healing Co.

We made them an e-commerce website with beautiful product photography and optimized it for SEO. We also built their following and brand over social media.

Making It Easy to Buy the Relief You Need

Competition was (and still is) significant when it comes to cannabis. Healing Co. needed to improve their website sales to stay competitive as an online retailer. We crafted a website for them that incorporated stand-out product photography. We also composed their social media to drive engagement. 

The online cannabis space in Canada is riddled with online sellers, so being seen easily matters. We helped Healing Co. do just that with a custom e-commerce website that showed off the best of their brand. We also did their product photography so people can clearly see and understand what they’re buying. 


If a Website Isn’t Seen by Anyone, Does It Really Exist? 

All the work you put into a custom website crafted to perfection matters much less if you’re not getting visitors. That’s why SEO is crucial—especially in a highly competitive market like cannabis. We optimized their site so search engines like Google could easily find it and accordingly increased their website traffic.   


Understanding What Goes Into Your Body  

Because there is still a lot of research being done into cannabis, educating people so that they feel comfortable and confident buying your product is paramount. We crafted social media posts that not only built their following and trust in their brand, but also increased engagement.  



Project Manager: Danielle Scheven
Graphic Designer: Cam Schreiner
Graphic Designer: Jamie Langevin
Web Development: Peter Vigilante
Web Development: Damien Stewart
SEO: Patrick Henderson
Content & Social Media: Stephanie Ford

Content & Social Media: Deborah Dyck

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