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Urban Liquor

With the purchase and rebranding of what was Liquids Liquor Store, the resulting Urban Liquor Store is the culmination of the vision for two Kelowna couples passionate about wine and being in business for oneself. Hiilite Web Design and Marketing designed and executed a complete brand package for Urban Liquor. Deliverables included logo design and brand guidelines, business card designs, website design and build with SEO optimization and ongoing SEO content marketing. The re-brand was launched and the business has since rocketed to top search rankings thanks to regular social media management and blogging.

Hiilite | Marketing, SEO, Branding, Web & Graphic Design Urban Liquor Design
Logo Design

Simplicity and message delivery. Hiilite Web Design and Marketing focused on these two elements when developing the logo for Urban Liquor. It should stand out from the crowd and yet be simple enough to be remembered. This logo is carried throughout the brand to show consistency and brand identity. Let Hiilite help you create your logo today!

Business Card Design

Keeping continuity throughout your brand is incredibly important. It helps with brand recognition and ensures that your business stays in the forefront of your customer’s minds. Hiilite Web Design and Marketing designed an engaging and creative business card that mirrored their brand’s feel. This eye catching design helps Urban Liquor to stand out from their competition.

Website and SEO

By extending your reach to as many parts of your market as you ca, you are able to maximize traffic to your website. with the re-branding, Hiilite Web Design and Marketing started Urban Liquor with a Facebook, Google+ and Twitter account. These social media platforms are a tool to distribute creative and informative content that will drive users to the website.

Hiilite | Marketing, SEO, Branding, Web & Graphic Design urban-liquor-website
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