Cam graduated from Centre of Arts and Technology in 2009. Prior to Hiilite, Cam worked in a printshop handling everything from graphic design, client liaison, production and pre-press. He also spent time in the film industry, creating graphics and working on set as an Art Director.  

Cam is constantly pushing himself to reach his best and go beyond his comfort zone. His goals include mastering different aspects of design, such as typography, grid and layout, composition, and colour theory in order to guide the next generation of designers.  

Cam finds strategizing, asking thoughtful questions and solving problems that will lead to better design incredibly rewarding. He combines his passion for graphic design and interpersonal skills to solve client’s pain points and find their place and purpose in their market. 

When he’s not in the office, you will find him mountainside, traversing the wilderness on snowboard or shoe.

Feature Projects

  • Evil Kolors
  • The Kanata Inn
  • The Rugby Zone
  • Pettanicals
  • 5Faces
  • Renewt
  • OBWB
  • Accent Renovations