Brand Identity Designer

Cam began his career working in a high-paced print-house handling everything from graphic design, client liaison, production, and pre-press. After 6 years, he felt the pull to explore a new arena. Cam switched gears, spending time in the film industry, creating graphics, and working on set as an Art Director. Still itching for more, he reached Hiilite and found his true passion in the discipline of branding.

Cam is constantly pushing himself to expand his perception and to find growth in the uncomfortable. His aim is to not only have a stronghold on the different aspects of design, such as typography, grid, and layout but to understand the intangible aspects of one’s brand

Cam finds strategizing, asking thoughtful questions, and solving problems that lead to better designs incredibly rewarding. He combines his passion for design with interpersonal skills to solve client’s pain points and find their place and purpose in the market.

When he’s not in the office, you will find him with his young family hiking mountainsides, camping in the wilderness, or building furniture.

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