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As a professional, your headshot is the communication tool that speaks for you when you are not there.


It is the face of your entire online appearance and the personal touch of your physical marketing materials. The quality of your headshot broadcasts an image to the general public- does your photo accurately portray your personality and the value you are able to provide, or does it look like your coworker captured the image on their cellphone?

With the addition of our new studio at the Hiilite Headquarters, we are going all in on professional headshots. We have been providing this service for our clients in the past on demand, but now we have multiple photographers on staff and top of line equipment that captures everyone in their best light. We provide guidance during every step of a photoshoot but there are a few steps you can take before receiving your professional headshots that will elevate the quality even further- here are four headshot photography tips to follow as the subject that will create world-class headshots every time!


1.  Preparation Starts Days Before


A dentist in his office taking a professional headshot

It is a great idea to start a line of communication with your photographer far in advance. Set a time and a date that works for both of you and don’t plan anything immediately before or after your shoot. You should be calm when you walk into the studio and not be worried about rushing out for another appointment through the entire process.

Another preparation pointer has to do with your daily routine that you follow during the days leading up to your shoot. Try to get lots of rest, eat healthy organic foods and hit the gym! The natural diet and workout sessions will make your skin radiate, clearing up any pesky blemishes on your face. By getting enough sleep you will a) be in a great mood on headshot day and 2) you will look refreshed and energized in your photos!



2. Let Your Personality Shine


When it comes to make-up, hair and accessories, we recommend you don’t go overboard. The headshots that turn out the best are those of individuals who are truly letting their personality come through, instead of applying an extravagant shade of purple eye shadow. Choose natural tones for any make-up and style your hair in a way that you might wear it on a normal day in the office. You want to put your best foot forward but you also want future employers and clients to be able to immediately tell that you are the person they first noticed in the headshot. A natural, relaxed look always wins.


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