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To Blog, or Not to Blog for Your Business…

To Blog, or Not to Blog for Your Business…

To blog, or not to blog? That is the question of many large and small businesses alike! It feels like everyone, and their dog is starting a blog nowadays, so what’s the point in hopping on the blog bandwagon if it’s “over saturated,” right? Yes, it might seem pointless at first glance, but the truth is that it adds a lot of value to your business and customer loyalty.

Need a little more convincing? Well, you’re in luck because our content marketer has ten reasons why she bows down to blogging (aka the content king).

1. Crucial for SEO

By producing consistent and relevant content, Google will see you as an authority in your trade. As Google sends spiders to crawl your site, it’s checking for things of value like backlinks, domain age, traffic, and fresh content. If your content offers value to Google’s search engines, you will be rewarded for your exceptional efforts with higher page ranking.

2. Makes you an “expert” in your field

If you were to talk to someone about your services, on a consistent basis, they would most likely consider you an expert in your field… would they not? The same goes for if you were to blog, except now your audience reach goes from one person to an infinite amount of people. Providing them with sound and quality advice means they could become loyal to you, your material, and your brand.

3. Generates leads

When you’re providing information of value to your visitors, you build up a sense of trust with them. In return, this allows for enough rapport to convert them to consumers; they’ll begin to view you as credible, reliable, and someone they’re willing to invest in. Blogging also helps by bringing more traffic to your site, which just means more people that you can convert to consumers.

Food for thought: How to Generate More Leads With Your Blog (source – Social Media Examiner)

4. Keeping you current with market trends

When you blog, your ultimate goal is to stay on top of the trends and be the first person to talk about what’s new and exciting. Having a blog almost forces you to seek out and assess what’s new and important in your field (and what’s not).

5. Improves your sales skills

You won’t sell people on your business if you can’t explain what you do and why it’s important. Try practicing your sales pitch by blogging; writing allows for more time to think about optimal sales tactics than a quick conversation does. As you blog more, it will become easier to emphasize the key points that are essential for landing a sale in real time conversation.

6. Understand your customers better

You’ll quickly become aware of what works, and what doesn’t when it comes to what you blog about (and what you offer for business). By looking over your blog’s analytics, you will see what content is viewed most, commented on most, and shared most; this gives a clear insight to what is important to your visitors and customers, and what you should devote your time too.

7. Creates a community

Blogging is like creating a conversation with millions of people around the world. You can engage with others that are passionate about the same niche you are! Encouraging feedback from your visitors is a great way to create a community setting, but be sure to reply back to them when they do provide feedback to you.

8. Drives traffic to your site

Again, it’s so important to keep your website current with Google for them to consider your site of value. The more you offer content wise, the more reason people have to visit your site (and discover it for that matter). Blogging will build up the available resources people have to share and interact with, therefore boosting your sites traffic.

Food for thought: How to Increase Your Blog’s Search Traffic (source – Kaiser the Sage)

9. Blogging gives your business personality

Giving your business a personality (see some of our client’s blogs like Bugmaster or Plan B Headquarters) makes it more relatable to your consumers; you are no longer the stark, cold business person, but rather a charismatic and approachable friend! If you give your customers a sense of who you are online, they’ll already feel like they know you when it comes time to work with them on a one-on-one basis.

10. Social media marketing relies on it

It gets pretty annoying when all you’re sharing are links to your service, about, and contact page… Social media craves shareable and readable content which is why blogging is so important! Sharing blogs from other sites is great, but it’s 10x better when you are sharing your own content- why? Because it’s simply yours.

Food for thought: 7 Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2016 (source – social media week)

Although our top 10 reasons for blogging are quite substantial, it’s easy to remember why blogging is so important by thinking of it like this:

Imagine the Internet as a vast kingdom…

  1. Google is the region that you wish to rule over.
  2. Search engine optimization is the queen that has the last say.
  3. Content is the king that fights for your ranking throughout the land.

At Hiilite, we offer various SEO packages, and they happen to include the time-consuming task of blogging in their services. So, if you’re pressed for time, but you want to invest into blogging for your business- why not trust a marketing agency to do the writing for you (plus, we’ll sprinkle in the best marketing tactics to convert your readers to consumers). Don’t delay, contact us and be the hiilite of our day.


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