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Why You Should Create a Black Friday Landing Page for Your Sale

Why You Should Create a Black Friday Landing Page for Your Sale

One of the biggest events of the year is coming up and it’s not Christmas. Black Friday is going to be arriving sooner than you may realize and being prepared for it as a business can help you maximize profits even with major discounts or promotions going on. Setting up a Black Friday landing page for your small, medium, or large business is a great way to drive your users to take the actions you want them to.

Why a Landing Page Is More Valuable Than Your Website or a Promoted Page

If you already have a website for your business (and you absolutely should, you’re missing out on major revenue otherwise) you might be wondering why it wouldn’t just be better to promote even just your homepage or a specific page on your site. These are valid questions.

The answer is that landing pages directly encourage sales.

Let’s say you promote the homepage of your website for a sale. This is a bad idea for a sales promotion since while it will drive more traffic to your site, your users aren’t guided through a dedicated design flow to get them to take action on your website. You’re giving them multiple paths to take to find what they need from your business. Multiple paths mean that from the people who arrive on your website are overall taking less of the desired path you want them to go down, especially if you present them with many options on your homepage.

Alternatively, if you promote a dedicated website page – your overall e-commerce page for example – then your customers might simply leave when they don’t immediately find what they’re looking for.

Landing pages guide visitors to a single action they can take. They can be long or short, but overall their intention is always to drive customers to a single action to take. This makes landing pages the perfect opportunity to capitalize on sales or promotions.


Types of Black Friday Sale Landing Pages

Landing pages aren’t one-size-fits-all—they come in a variety of types to be most effective. If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to setting up a Black Friday sale landing page, figuring out what type of page you want to create can be a great place to start.

Click-Through Landing Page

Click-through landing pages are some of the most popular when it comes to sales and promotions. This kind of landing page is devoted entirely to a specific offer, such as a discount on your masterclass or a bundle package for several of your products.

When a prospect is presented with a click-through landing page, they should get an immediate understanding of how your offer will prove valuable. This means the majority of your effort in designing this kind of page will be above the fold (the part of the page visible without scrolling). There may even be a call-to-action (CTA) above the fold as well so users who are already interested can make an immediate decision.

Generally speaking, this kind of landing page isn’t usually designed to be too long. Your offer is supported by an explanation of a few of its main benefits with around 1-3 CTAs layered into the page that all direct to the same action.

Lead-Generation Landing Pages

Lead-generation landing pages are another popular kind of landing page that are designed to capture user information versus actually getting them to make a purchase decision. One of the most common forms of these is asking users to sign up for an email newsletter so you can get their email information.

Once you’ve captured the information of a lead, this enables you to follow-up with them directly based on the info they provided with more personalized or simply more engaging offers.

One of the most common kinds of these landing pages are lead-magnets. These are pages with gated content that only once a user puts their information in do they receive what’s being promised. Usually, this is in the form of some kind of free information like a personalized report, e-book, or video.

Long-Form Landing Pages

Finally, long-form landing pages are, well, the longest kind of landing page (shocker, we know). These pages can feel like you’re almost reading a book at times since they can be thousands of words long. Because people have short attention spans and are more ad-aware than ever before, these kinds of landing pages have generally fallen out of practice.

Still, they can be useful depending on your industry, target audience, and offer. If your offer is somewhat complex – or has a lot of applications or benefits customers might not realize – it can be a great way to break that down in a long-form landing page.


Black Friday Landing Page Best Practices

Make Your Call to Action Stand Out

Since the whole point of a landing page is for your users to take one specific action it should be your main priority to make sure that action stands out. Naturally, you can create thoughtful web design that makes the action clear through colour, hierarchy, and animation. However, your content on the page (also known as copy) can also make it stand out if written well.

Your copy should be targeted to your audience, but it should still sound like your brand. For example, avoid using casual language if your brand speaks more professionally normally.

Focus on Benefits Not Features

One of the most important distinctions for a Black Friday landing page is the difference between a feature and a benefit. They are not the same thing. A feature is a V8 with 500hp. A benefit is the feeling of power you get when driving a sports car. Your landing page should focus on the benefits your product or service provides and why this sale can’t be missed!

Search Engine Optimize Your Page

Lastly, making sure you target relevant keywords to help your Black Friday sale landing page rank in Google will ensure it gets seen on time. You’re going to want to focus on words or phrases your audience would be typing into Google so that your landing page gets seen by those people actively looking for your kind of offer.

Overall, setting up a landing page for your Black Friday sale is one of the most effective ways to get potential customers to convert. However, if you’re not able to execute designing or developing one yourself it’s best to get it completed by a local marketing agency that can create one both effectively and efficiently.



Looking to get a Black Friday landing page designed for your business? Contact us today to find out how we can help build one for you!


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