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Brand Consistency. What’s Your Flavour?

Brand Consistency. What’s Your Flavour?

We know branding is not rocket science. Aerospace Engineers are not required. It just needs the consistency, process, experimentation & leadership. It takes discipline and time to create a cohesive brand.

We are constantly refining our brand at Hiilite, we want our message to be clear and consistent. Don’t leave your customers feeling lost and confused on why you do what you do, give them a reason to come back for more… They loved your brand flavour, so why change it?

Aaron Pierson Digital Brand Strategist, Best Selling Author and User Experience Designer states “Consistency doesn’t mean monotonous or unvaried. It means that your brand is recognized, respected and recommended. People come to know what to expect from your brand and will be more likely to share that good experience with others.”

Remember this, everything communicates: from the way your company’s voice sounds (the words you choose, and the language you use), to how staff treat customers, and to the messaging you use on your website. This isn’t rocket science, you get to control your user’s experience.

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