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A Look at How We Implement SEO Basics for Small Business [Infographic]

A Look at How We Implement SEO Basics for Small Business [Infographic]

When you’re just getting started in business, marketing can be overwhelming as to where to begin, but it’s a good idea to start with search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization can not only be helpful for getting your website (which you definitely should create if you don’t have one) seen, but also start to get more visible for searches already happening within your industry. Essentially, you won’t go wrong getting SEO basics for your small business set up.

Why SEO Basics for Shopify Matter

SEO can be even more important for small-medium businesses with Shopify websites. Each product page is an opportunity to target keywords people are searching to get your product seen on the front page of Google.

Just like how Amazon uses SEO for its product pages, you can be doing the same for ones on your Shopify site. Even making changes to your product names in their listing can make a big difference.

If you have a lot of product pages then it may be a good idea to get the help of a local marketing agency to write SEO content for those product pages.

SEO Basics for Small Business

Infographic about the basics of SEO for small business

Overall, if you’re having trouble navigating the SEO basics for your small business it’s best to get the help of a marketing agency to help get your feet under you.



Need help getting started with SEO? We’ll break down how we do it and help you get results so your business can grow even more.


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