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Marketing Strategy & Marketing Research | SWOT Analysis Tips

Marketing Strategy & Marketing Research | SWOT Analysis Tips

Strategy & Research

The unaimed arrow will rarely find a bullseye.

If you don’t know where you are starting, or where you want to go, you will likely be very disappointed with your end results. Creating a distinct and compelling strategy, supported by in-depth research is where every business or project should begin. A re-design, SEO campaign or complete brand inception without a core strategy is like embarking on a trip around the world without a compass or a map.

We want to help develop and grow your business and the best way to do that is by following a bulletproof game plan. By considering both internal and external factors and tailoring your strategy around those elements, we can drastically increase the likelihood of your success . With a Hiilite-crafted strategy, your offering will be tailored to your target audience’s needs, amplifying your core strengths through the proper marketing channels.


Who is Your Target Market?

Your target market is your life blood. Everything you create and every action you plan out has to have your market in mind. By analyzing your potential ideas and the current market trends, we can identify who you should ideally be targeting and the behaviours of your current customers.

There are various methods that we employe at Hiilite when researching a target market, diving into the data that points in the direction of profitability. A full analytical report detailing your preferred market is one of the most valuable assets your business can possess as it looks to further expand.


Analyze the Audience

You can preach the good word of your offering all day long but if you don’t have an audience listening to you, all your efforts will go to waste. When looking to launch a new business or grow an existing company, we immediately look to the current social presence. If you own a mature business, is anyone actually listening to your messaging? If you are starting a new project, who will your audience be? What type of consumers are they? Who will be the champions of your brand?

In every market, there is a passionate group of customers that are waiting to actively engage with marketing messaging that properly taps into their personal interests and passions. If you can connect with your ideal audience, the power of your marketing can be amplified tenfold.


What Opportunities Exist?

Many business owners are infatuated with their current offering and trains of thought. This is an incredible asset, however, this can also blind the leaders of an organization. Do additional opportunities exist? Oftentimes an educated, outside perspective can identify additional avenues that will allow your business to expand or pivot into a greater market. Our team analyzes your competitors, market trends and leans on our creative team to seek out any profitable areas of interest that can enhance your growth and forge new revenue streams.


Focus on Your Natural Strengths

We have all heard the analogy that references swimming against or with the current in a river. There are so many entrepreneurs and business owners that are constantly trying to improve their weaknesses making very little progress along the way, constantly fighting against the natural rhythms of their business.. While it is very important to correct the areas of concern in your organization, you can’t forget to capitalize on your strengths at the same time.

Your team needs to double down on your natural strengths but first, those strengths need to be identified. Where is the majority of your website traffic coming from? Which style of marketing materials is bringing the highest conversion rates? Which customers account for the largest portion of sales?

Our research and analysis team combs through your current operational and marketing efforts to identify your core strengths, then devises a strategy that allows your team to further capitalize on those assets.


What’s Your Weakness?

Sometimes facing your weaknesses can be one of the most difficult processes involved in growing your business. As an owner, operator or manager, you have to realize that your business has amazing strengths that it can capitalize on but it also has areas that can need to be improved. When you are involved in day-to-day operations, it can be difficult to pinpoint areas of weakness. Our strategy team can quickly hone in on the elements that are hurting your growth and profitability, providing the action plans and research that will help bridge the gap between where you are and were you want to be.


Communication Channels

The communication channels that you utilize have a massive impact on the overall success of your business. If you are not broadcasting through the correct channels, your audience will never be able to act, support or respond to your messaging. When you find the channel or channels that are best suited for your offering, your exposure and conversion rates can explode. Our marketing team has in-depth knowledge and experience on every platform from television and radio to Instagram and Pintrest.


Traditional vs. Web Marketing

In the fast paced marketing world of today, it is easy to get caught up in the latest trends. For some, creating a custom SnapChat filter and developing a following on that platform can be useful but for many others, this is not an efficient use of their time and resources. Our advertising team utilizes and analyzes all the major marketing mediums all day long, 7 days a week. We know how to penetrate Pintrest but we also have the experience to realize when an email marketing campaign can provide enormous returns for your latest product- this small tweak could drastically minimize your advertising expenses and boost revenues to record levels.



Once we have researched and analyzed your target market and audience, the next step is finding out who else is fighting for those customers. In order to grow and expand, you will need to either create new offerings and demand or convince some of your competitors users to purchase your product or service instead. The more consumers you can convert, the larger your market share.

It is extremely important to conduct in-depth research on your competitors. Who are they? What exactly do they offer? What do consumers like about their brand? What do consumers dislike?

There is so much valuable data that can be harvested from the existing market that will allow your business to set itself apart from the competitors and utilize strategies that have already proven effective in your given sector.


Ready to dive into the valuable data related to your business that will create a winning strategy?


Connect with our team today and partner with an organization that is focused on growing the business you have worked hard to create. 



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