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Effective Instagram Marketing

Effective Instagram Marketing

Marketers have been working to perfect social media marketing for years. Facebook is the medium that has dominated for the majority of businesses, but we want to give you some great tips on how to use Instagram to properly promote your business.


Familiarize yourself with these. To gain exposure you are going to need to embrace them. The trick is finding trending hashtags that will help you reach your audience. Be careful though. Jumping on the bandwagon of trending hashtags that have nothing to do with your business may be harmful. The tech savvy population is too accustomed to being marketed to and they will not appreciate being ‘duped’ by a marketer using unrelated hashtags.

hiilite-web-design-marketing-seo-instagramLearn to take better pictures

It doesn’t mean you need to invest in an expensive camera. Smart phones take amazing quality photos, now all you need to do is up your photo game. We don’t expect you to turn into a National Geographic photographer, but there are a lot of simple tricks you can learn to take better photos.


Instagram is a platform to show your brand in a new light. Make your posts relatable and engaging. Focus on the production of your product, the people in your company or things that your audience will find interesting. If you overwhelm your audience with the traditional type of pull strategy advertising, they will be quick to dismiss your posts.

Mix Up Your Posts

Creating a variety of information to engage your followers is the best way to gain followers. Using a variety of different pictures as well as videos will keep your content new and interesting. Learning to stay on brand while creating new material can seem daunting, but it is worth it!

hiilite-web-design-marketing-seo-effective-instagramCreate a Story

Your business and brand have a story, so start telling it. Information flows much more freely now and it gives you a great chance to give your audience a look into what you do. If you sell a physical product, show how it is made. Display that product in unique ways that give your audience more to see than just the end result. If you provide a service, you can give your audience a behind the scenes look into what you do. Feature some of your stellar employees and tell their story.

Caption Your Pictures

You need to set the scene. Having beautiful photos is the beginning, but to create real interest, tell the reader a little more about what you are posting. If you are having trouble coming up with hashtags, writing your caption is a great place to get inspired.

Engage and Respond

If someone has made the effort to comment on your Instagram post, make sure that you are taking the time to reply. You will encourage more engagement in your posts if you show that you are monitoring and being involved in the activity on your account.

Now get posting and let us know how it goes!


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