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How To Improve Your Copywriting Skills

Some of our writers have been working with a gentleman by the name of Jared Kessler. This article and call summary would be a great resource for anyone who is looking to hone their writing skills and processes. Creatives, managers, and business owners alike can all benefit from Jared’s thoughts on creation and methodology.  …

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Reinvention & Adaptation of Brands

Planning your brand for the future can only go so far. Brands must be adaptive, reflexive, and able to change to hold the interest of a diverse culture. For larger companies trying to grow their market share, taking risks is integral to growth and preventing stagnation. Risks come at a cost, whether it is increasing…

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Read more on Jean-ius Branding & Brand Identity
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Jean-ius Branding & Brand Identity

The value of a brand is built upon how your audience perceives you. Leading brands thrive through promoting a lifestyle, experience, and an ideology that resonates with their potential customer base. Brands are constantly communicating their value, and successful brands reach ubiquity through a constant reforming of their image to reinvigorate their appeal. Levi’s, for…

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Launching your Brand on Social Media

Social media is no longer a popular option for businesses, it's a must have. Why are we seeing this? Beyond the ability to connect with your target market on a more honest and direct platform, social media allows opportunities for better customer service, public relations and customer insight. You can connect with your customers...

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Read more on Small Business, Big Marketing
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Small Business, Big Marketing

Many small businesses are intimated by approaching a marketing company for help. Getting a marketing plan up and running is essential to helping your business grow, but you don't need to over spend to start seeing some results. There are a few ways that you can increase your reach without investing money upfront.

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Read more on Effective Instagram Marketing
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Effective Instagram Marketing

Marketers have been working to perfect social media marketing for years. Facebook is the medium that has dominated for the majority of businesses, but we want to give you some great tips on how to use Instagram to properly promote your business.

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Read more on Promotional Marketing: Engage Through Giveaways
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Promotional Marketing: Engage Through Giveaways

Brands and marketers are trying very hard to engage with you! Is it working? As you scroll through your Facebook feed or Google-search the latest news and entertainment, brands are communicating at you but are they communicating with you? As a brand, company, or marketing agency, your goal is to engage with your target...

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Read more on Branding As An Experience
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Branding As An Experience

“At the end of the day people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” ― Maya Angelou This applies to your business as well. The creative process that brings your business from an idea to reality is never void of emotion. The trick is finding what feelings...

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