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9 Benefits Of Hiring A Marketing Agency (Hiring Out Vs In)

9 Benefits Of Hiring A Marketing Agency (Hiring Out Vs In)

Hey, we love employees (we have 24!). However, hiring someone isn’t always the best option. With added employees comes extra responsibilities and costs that can drastically affect an organization like yours.

Hiilite is here to show you the benefits of hiring a marketing agency (hiring out) vs hiring a full-time staff member (hiring in). This article with equip you with the information you need to best solve your marketing needs.

Employees come with added responsibilities for the employer including:

  1. Rounds of interviews to find the right person
  2. Laying off during slow periods
  3. Building company culture and managing entitlement
  4. Managing the time others
  5. Ensuring there is enough work to keep employees busy
  6. Employee complacency issues
  7. Employee rights
  8. Managing schedules, sick days, vacations, and benefits

Beyond these responsibilities, employees can be costly. Beyond a salary, you can expect:

  1. Entitlements
  2. Office space
  3. Equipment
  4. Training
  5. Licenses
  6. Taxes
  7. Pensions
  8. Benefits
  9. Holidays
  10. Human resources costs (posting, interviewing, qualifying resumes)
  11. Management of others’ time
  12. Having to hire additional skillsets to get jobs done
Cost of hiring marketers internally can add up | Hiillite Marketing and website design

Addressing Marketing & Agency Misconceptions

Misconception #1:

Marketing Is Part-Time Gig

Many company leaders believe marketing can be added to and employees existing role, often a assistant or sales person. That perceptions hurts companies in two ways

  1. It doesn’t allow the employee to truly focus on their initial job
  2. In order to get strong business growth, marketing has to be a full time focus

Misconception #2:

You Can Have A One-Person Marketing Team

There is no one person who can successfully manage branding, communications, social media channels, paid advertising, graphic design for multiple sources, web development and site management, content creation, strategy and execution.

This requires a team.

Misconception #3:

Marketing Needs To Be Done In House Otherwise, Communication Gets Missed

Not true! In Benefit, we limit the number of retainers each project manager takes on to ensure quality care and communication with each of our clients. We also meet regularly (in our office of video call) and report monthly to check in on previous work and strategize for the upcoming month.

Misconception #4:

Marketing Companies Won’t Prioritize My Business. Our Company Will End Up In Some System They’ve Built To Push Their Clients Through.

At Hiilite, we limit the amount of clients each project manager takes on to ensure really quick response times, and world-class results.

Misconception #5:

Engaging An Agency Is Much More Expensive Than Hiring Someone

Hiring an agency is typically much more cost effective than hiring internally. Training, entitlements, and taxes are just some of the additional fees you may not be considering. Engaging an agency gives you access to an entire team of people (designers, marketers, developers, and analysts) for less than the cost of one employee.

Misconception #6:

I don’t want to get locked into a long-term contract

Scaling using Hiilite is easy. We have the capacity to scale up or scale down costs as needed. We also do not sign long-term contracts with our clients and are motivated to work hard and providing value every month to keep your business.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Marketing Company? Results.

We’ve helped our clients achieve as much as 300% average ROI

Interested? Contact us.
Hire a marketing agency, focus on core competences | Hillite Marketing and website design

Why Is Hiring A Marketing Agency A Good Idea For Your Business?

Benefit #1:

Companies Are More Credible Than Individuals

We’ve got a brand to build and a reputation to uphold! Our credibility is our resume and it’s something we take seriously.

Benefit #2:

Retainers Can Be Modified To Month-To-Month Needs

Want to go hard this month? Or are times a bit tight and you need to scale down? With an agency, that’s possible. Try that with an employee…

Benefit #3:

We Come Trained

Marketing is continually changing and expanding. Are you willing to pay to continuously train employees? Because we’re already spending a lot of money and time going to the best conferences and investing in education. You won’t need to.

Benefit #4:

We Won’t Sleep-In On You

Working with an employee’s schedule, including when they’re sick, on vacation or simply don’t show up effects productivity. With 24 people on staff to support each other & our clients, no individual’s downtime will effect deadlines or outcomes.

Benefit #5:

Want To Take Your Marketing Efforts In A Different Direction? Getting Rid Of Us Is Easy

Like it or hate it, employees have more rights than an employer. If someone isn’t working out, you can’t just fire them without Just Cause without risking a lawsuit. If you decide we’re not the right company for you, we can be done and gone.

Benefit #6:

No “People Problems”

Have employees gotten complacent? This is another level of management that effects productivity and costs the company time and money. You’re better off just skipping it.

Benefit #7:

Save The Expense Of The Tools And Technology

Adobe Suite is $1,300+/year, Buffer is $6,000+/year, not to mention the $20,000 RED Cinema Video Camera and $4,000 Sony A7Riii Camera we invested in. We’re already paying for them and you’ll get full access of their benefits without the bill.

Benefit #8:

Be Able To Stick To Doing What You Do Best!

Do you have a lawyer in-house? Accountant? Probably not, because you know there is a professional out there to take care of those needs for you. Let us be the marketing professionals you trust, we live for this stuff!

Benefit #9:

You Get Access To 24 People For The Price Of 1

Rather than paying the salaries of an entire department, you can hire a team for basically the cost of one senior marketers’ salary.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Your Own Marketing Team?

Business Strategist $74,000 $6166
Project Manager $60,000 $5000
Developer $72,000 $6000
Graphic Designer $48,000 $4000
Content Strategist $44,000 $3666
SEO/Google Specialist $51,000 $4250
Facebook Paid Campaign Specialist $68,000 $5666
Photographer $49,000 $4083
Videographer $49,000 $4083

Having Access To All These Skills Would Cost Your Organization:

$515,000/year or $42,000/month

If you’re thinking that an agency might be a better fit for your organization, get more information on how we can help grow your business with the free guide below ????

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