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Hiilite Photography and Videography Goes All In

Hiilite Photography and Videography Goes All In

When you know you have the best hand at the poker table, what do you do?  You go all in…

The Hiilite Creative Team has gone all in for 2018, giving our videography and photography hardware a serious update. We are on the mission of becoming the best and most badass marketing agency in the world, and if we want to get there, we need to have the best equipment. If you are interested in using the power of video or photos to help capture the attention of your audience, you will want to hear all about our new toys.

The Red Raven video camera captured on a rooftop in Vancouver, BC

Videography- Seeing RED

When our CEO announced that we were purchasing a RED video camera, our creative team turned into a bunch of children hyped up on sugar on Christmas Eve. No really- they were literally jumping around the office.

For those who are unfamiliar with the RED brand, they produce extremely high quality, professional digital cinema cameras. To get an idea of what these cameras are capable of, click here to view a full list of recent movies that have been captured with their technology which includes, Jurassic World, The Hobbit, Pirates of the Caribbean and Transformers.

On RED’s website you can also find a full list of commercials (Porsche), music videos (Taylor Swift), television shows (Stranger Things) and stills (Vanity Fair Cover) captured by RED cameras. It’s official- we have graduated from the kids table to the adults table and we are ready to play full out.

The Raven has Landed

The specific model we purchased is known as the RED Raven. It has the capability of capturing video in full 4.5K format at up to 120 frames per second with a Red Dragon CMOS sensor. What does this mean for you or your business? Crystal clear, flawless video that will blow your customers away! We have massive plans for this camera in 2018- stay tuned to see some of the exciting projects we are working on!  

A Tesla car captured on a Sony Mirrorless camera driving around a lake in the Okanagan

Photography- RIP Mirrors

Our photography team has a new secret weapon and it is made from our friends at Sony. Our lead photographer, Donovan Wagner, is now sporting the Sony A7Riii, which is a full frame mirrorless camera that captures both stunning photos and video.

Are you still shooting on a DSLR? Learn all about the advantages of mirrorless cameras HERE.

Donovan recently snapped some pictures on the A7Riii of our new RED Raven that were shared by one of the largest RED camera instagram accounts, @redcamerausers … no big deal ???? Interested in seeing more of our photography work? Visit the Hiilite Photography website to browse our past projects and get in touch with our team!

A Bentley super car driving down the road in Vancouver, captured with a Sony mirrorless camera
Here is a beautiful Bentley super car cruising through Stanley Park in Vancouver, which Donovan captured with our new Sony A7Riii

Other Toys to Play With

To go along with our Red Raven and Sony A7Riii, Hiilite has also given our cameras some extra muscle with some brand new lens! The latest shipment that arrived at our office included a Sigma Art 18-35mm F1.8 , Sigma Art 24-70mm F2.8, and Tamron 70-200mm F2.8 G2. These three lenses give us the ability to capture video and photos in almost any situation, in and out of studio.

Oh, did we forget to mention that we have a brand new studio set up? Stop on by and check it out! It’s always set up and ready for corporate headshots or product photography. We are currently in the process of sound-proofing the room as well, making it perfect to record any videos your company may need.

The CEO of Hiilite Creative Agency with a RED camera in Vancouver

Rhinos and Ravens

If you want to record high quality video that can compete with the biggest brands in the world, you need to ensure that the final product is smooth- very smooth. For this reason we have also invested in the Rhino Slider Ultimate Package. The 3 components that make up the package include the Rhino EVO, ARC, and MOTION, all of which are going to help our Videography Team produce world class video!

Are you excited as we are about creating world-class content? Our Team would love to hear about your next idea or campaign that requires video or photography! Together we can create something truly amazing.

Click HERE to connect with Donovan Wagner or Matthias MacLeod to start your next project!


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