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A Business Model With Its Eyes Wide Open

A Business Model With Its Eyes Wide Open

How is great change brought about? Can a capitalist business model be used to help those in need?

Tina Walczak, Tylor Jarczewski, Gabriel Lalonde, Suzanne Ellis, Sunny Chandan & Jade Lowe – UglyFace founders

Instead of relying only on charities to fix the issues of the world, the founders of UglyFace believe that a typical business model can be modified in order to resolve massive global problems from global warming to world hunger.

UglyFace’s Vision

When the six founders of UglyFace came together through their work at Royal Roads University, they knew they wanted to create a business that would majorly shake up traditional viewpoints and current solutions. Their vision was simple at the core, find a way to give back to a cause or an organization in a meaningful way through modern business tactics and methods.

A New Model for Business

What if an organization was not structured like a traditional charity but still found a way to donate a large portion of the inflows to a worthy cause? This is exactly the angle that the Royal Roads students decided to take with UglyFace. By maintaining a capitalist approach to business, embracing modern technologies, and infusing a “giving mindset” into operations, the team at UglyFace believes their adaptation of the traditional business model can truely change the world.

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What Exactly is UglyFace?

UglyFace is an online sunglasses distributor who offers products for the trendy fashionista and savvy hipster. The brand is unapologetically aggressive and giving. Their vision is to be one of the leading suppliers of fashionable sunglasses in North America, which will give them the resources to restore sight and prevent blindness in developing countries around the world. By leveraging the power of online e-commerce and dropshipping, UglyFace is able to operate with incredible efficiency, and further increase their ability to resolve issues related to vision around the world.

They describe themselves as a “Business that gives a f*ck.” Some might be taken aback by their verbiage, but their overarching message is sent loud and clear with their bold profit model. 100% of their proceeds are donated directly to their Vancouver-based partner charity, Seva Canada.

Fighting World Vision Issues and Seva Canada

When UglyFace was considering what issue to support, they kept coming back to the word, “vision”. The entire essence of their business revolved around their unique vision relating to solving problems on the world stage. This is when the UglyFace Team connected with Seva. They were immediately drawn to the organization’s impressive results. The Seva Team has already helped restore vision to 4 million around the world and have organized the resources that allow their partners to complete a full, life-changing cataract surgery with a $50 donation.

Giving is a Solution and a Strategy

UglyFace is extremely open with their marketing efforts. Do they want people to pay attention to their brand and buy their products because they support an organization like Seva Canada? Absolutely. This is where a capitalistic mindset and a charitable viewpoint can meet and find synergy. UglyFace hopes that they gain hundreds of thousands of fans and customers to create a significant ruckus in the market. If the UglyFace team can use their model of giving with extreme success, perhaps other organizations will adopt the strategy to a certain extent, bringing a new focus, and a surge of funding for the issues that matter most.

If you are interested in supporting UglyFace, check out the website

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