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10 Simple SEO Tips & Effective SEO Strategies You Can Do Right Now!

10 Simple SEO Tips & Effective SEO Strategies You Can Do Right Now!

  1. Remove anything that slows down your site

A slow site is brutal for the user experience and sends negative rankings signals to Google. Our team likes utilizing GT Metrix to identify issues and troubleshooting them.

  1. Link to other websites with relevant content

Linking out to authoritative websites is like citing an academic journal in your essays. It proves you’ve done your research both to the reader and Google.

  1. Re-write for humans, not search engines

People make the mistake that Google can be ‘hacked’ to rank highly in results pages. Google exists to please its searchers. If your content sounds like its written by an SEO robot, take a look into re-writing it and you might see an increase in its ranking and thus, traffic.

  1. Reach out to authoritative sites for a link

Already have a kick-ass piece of content? Reach out to authoritative sites asking them to read it. If they like it they might even link to it, increasing the overall authority of your page.

  1. Add/Leverage Google Analytics + Search Console

We are big on taking a data-driven approach to any of our marketing. Without analytics and search console in place, the opportunity to optimize your content to its fullest extent is severely limited.

  1. Draft unique meta descriptions for all pages/posts

Meta descriptions are your last chance to entice a searcher to click on your content. Skyrocket your clickthrough-rate by creating a concise description.

  1. Optimize your URL structure

You don’t want to over-optimize your URL’s by stuffing keywords into them, but if your current URL is simply slash article slash article #1, you could be missing out on valuable ranking position just by changing it to something more relevant to your post.

  1. Solicit social shares for your best content

Asking for social shares is entirely free. You’ve already produced the content, why not get it in front of as many eyeballs as possible?

  1. Optimize image filenames and alt text using relevant keywords

Google crawls all the data on a given page when determining what the content is about. This includes images. Be sure to title the file names optimally as well and include keywords in its alt text.

  1. Draft a new, unique piece of content

Now that you’re done watching our tips for the day, get out there and draft the next piece of content that drives more traffic to your site and ultimately increase your leads.


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