Penticton Lakeside Resort

The Project

In a region celebrated for its rich agricultural heritage, Penticton Lakeside Resort aimed to showcase not just the quality of their cuisine but also the story behind it – the local farms, the fresh ingredients, and the culinary artistry. The challenge was to create a narrative that brought to life the journey from farm to table, emphasizing the resort’s deep connection with the local community and its dedication to sustainability.

Crafting a Story of Culinary Artistry and Local Partnership

  • Exploring the Local Landscape: We delved into the heart of the Okanagan Valley, capturing the beauty of the local farms and the passion of the growers. This exploration was essential to authentically represent the resort’s commitment to local sourcing.
  • A Visual Feast of Storytelling: Utilizing our expertise in videography, we created a narrative that was visually rich and engaging. The video highlighted the journey of ingredients from the lush fields of the Okanagan to the exquisite plates served at the resort, showcasing the culinary expertise and the farm-to-table philosophy.
  • Engaging and Educative Distribution: Knowing the importance of reaching an audience that values culinary excellence and sustainability, we strategically distributed the video across various platforms, engaging both local patrons and potential visitors

A Tale of Taste, Tradition, and Sustainability

  • Enhanced Brand Awareness: The video effectively communicated the resort’s unique culinary offerings and their commitment to local sourcing, capturing the attention of food enthusiasts and eco-conscious travelers.
  • Educated and Inspired Viewers: The narrative not only showcased the resort’s culinary delights but also educated viewers about the importance of local sourcing and sustainability in the culinary world.
  • Strengthened Community Ties: By highlighting local farmers and producers, the campaign fostered a sense of community and partnership, resonating deeply with both locals and visitors.

Meet the team

Project Manager: Adrienne Renaud
Videography: Seger Nelson

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