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Crafting a Digital Masterpiece

Our journey with OrthoTech Dental began with the design of a cutting-edge landing page focused on digital scans. By leveraging the latest SEO strategies, we ensured that this page not only resonates with OrthoTech Dental’s audience but also ranks well in search engine results, making it a beacon for potential clients seeking advanced dental solutions.

Enhancing Online Presence

We delved deeper into the essence of OrthoTech Dental’s online content, enhancing its impact and searchability. Our team meticulously revised the website’s content, emphasizing the unique selling points such as “nickel-free wires” and the acceptance of digital scans. This content optimization was not just about embedding relevant keywords; it was about weaving a narrative that reflects OrthoTech Dental’s commitment to innovative and safe dental solutions.

Attracting Top Talent

Recognizing the importance of attracting top-tier talent to maintain their high standards of service, we crafted a dedicated ‘Careers’ landing page. This page, brimming with SEO-enriched content, serves as a magnet for skilled professionals, seamlessly integrating with gravity forms to streamline the application process. This strategic move not only elevates OrthoTech Dental’s brand as an employer but also ensures a constant influx of qualified candidates.

Backend Brilliance

Our holistic approach extended to enhancing the website’s backend functionalities. By updating alt tags, titles, and embedding strategic keywords throughout the site, we’ve bolstered OrthoTech Dental’s SEO framework. Furthermore, our integration of goal tracking through form submissions in the GA4 (Google Analytics) system provides actionable insights, allowing OrthoTech Dental to measure and understand the impact of these enhancements. These changes, though subtle, are powerful tools in steering OrthoTech Dental towards greater online visibility and business growth.

Meet the team

Project Manager: Ajeet Singh
Web Development: Joseph Fortino
SEO: Ajeet Singh & Nicole Forbes
Content: Nicole Forbes

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