New Look Dental

Client Mission

New Look Dental, a distinguished dental practice, recognized a key obstacle in their patient communication: a lack of awareness regarding available financing options. This gap in understanding was a barrier for potential patients, hindering them from accessing much-needed dental services. The challenge was not only to inform but also to reassure patients that quality dental care is accessible and affordable.

Our Journey

Our strategy for New Look Dental centered around creating an informative yet empathetic video that clearly articulated the available financing options in a way that resonated with patients.

We began by delving into the common concerns and misconceptions patients had about dental financing. This understanding was crucial to address the real questions and fears of the audience.

The film showcased real-life scenarios, demonstrating how New Look Dental’s financing options can make dental care accessible.

A Story That Enlightens and Empowers

The result was a clear, compassionate, and engaging video that effectively raised awareness about New Look Dental’s financing options. The campaign:
• Increased Patient Knowledge: The video successfully educated viewers about the accessible financing options, demystifying the process of obtaining dental care.
• Built Trust and Reassurance: By addressing financial concerns directly and empathetically, the video strengthened trust between New Look Dental and its patient community.
• Encouraged Dental Health Decisions: The heightened awareness and understanding led to more patients confidently choosing New Look Dental for their dental needs, knowing that financial barriers could be navigated with ease.

Meet the team

Project Manager: Adrienne Renaud
Videography: Seger Nelson

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