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Conversion Rate Optimization (How To Increase Conversions)

Conversion Rate Optimization (How To Increase Conversions)

Conversion Rate Optimization

What is it?

A conversion is when a visitor to your website completes the action that you want them to take. This could be a purchase, phone call, or email sign up. Conversion Rate Optimization is the process and steps that are taken to maximize the percentage of people who convert once they have visited your webpage.

Here are some of the main points:

Quality Over Quantity

Here is where CRO stands out from the other marketing you have done in the past. You are going to see your impressions and reach drop, but your conversion rate increase. Why is this? CRO is targeted. We aren’t getting your brand in front of every Tom, Dick and Harry, but we are using the tools and knowledge that we have to generate more qualified leads. We do this by analyzing and honing in on those consumers who are most likely to convert.


Everything your brand produces works together to create results. If you are launching a new campaign, think about pairing your ads with a blog post and social media. The message spread across multiple platforms gives you better reach and it will help to solidify the message when it is seen in many places. Keep the messaging consistent, but change up the way you apply it to each platform.

Brand Awareness = Higher Conversions

Having said all that, we don’t want you to forget about brand recognition. The more recognizable your brand is, the more likely they are to convert. Brand affinity and loyalty have been very closely linked to conversions, so don’t stop what you are doing for marketing at the moment, CRO is something that we are going to add into your current strategy.


Now that you have created brand awareness it’s time to target those who have seen your brand before. Re-marketing campaigns increase the conversion rate. Instead of having one chance at securing a conversions, re-marketing allows that chance to be repeated over and over again. Once you have identified a user’s interest in your brand, you can create a consistent message that keeps you top of mind for when they decide to act.

Call to Action

Here is your chance to get a little more creative. If you are using the same old boring call to action on your ads or pages, it’s time to change it up. What action do you want your customers to take? Be specific and don’t leave anything up to chance. If your conversion is a call, tell your customer to call. Also ensure that they are strategically placed on your page. If you haven’t seen heat maps on landing pages for users, you need to check them out!

Social Media

Social media is highly regarded as a great way to increase brand awareness, but isn’t always given the kudos that it deserves for lead generation. The benefit here is getting in front of your audience for a relatively low cost. The other benefit is that you are catching people a little more off guard. Social recognition and referrals can create trust in your brand and potential customers are more likely to convert when they feel that they information they are being provided with is reliable and peer-reviewed.


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