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True Dental Wanted True Results

True Dental Wanted True Results

Seeking a website revival reflective of the comprehensive experience for the entire family, Hiilite strives to understand the core principles of each of our dental clients and their unique branding agendas. Building the foundation for True Dental’s SEO platform we utilized the recent renovations as inspiration for a revitalized website. Creating brand consistency allowed True Dental to be easily recognizable within the community by pulling the iconic orange and blue throughout all marketing opportunities.

Website Re-design:
Our priority when True Dental approached us was to revitalize their current website in a way to diversify and identify their brand among other dental offices in the Okanagan. The addition of thorough service and patient information pages highlighted True Dental as a health care resource provided by trusted oral health professionals in the community.

SEO Strategy and Implementation:
Having constructed a website true to our client’s vision, the task of search engine optimization became priority in a densely saturated industry within the Okanagan; dentistry. This strategy led to increased traffic, increased site usage, and a return on investment for True Dental.

Marketing Strategy:
Harnessing the power and experience of a marketing team verses one marketing specialist, True Dental’s marketing strategy was based upon a SWOT analysis as a determinate for strategic direction. This unified effort ensured marketing efforts aligned with business goals and objectives and is evaluated on a monthly client meeting to accommodate the changing needs of business from design concepts to content voice.

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