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SEO Myths Busted

SEO Myths Busted

  1. Keyword optimization is the most important part of SEO

Let’s start off by saying, keyword optimization is extremely important. Where we disagree with consensus is with people who think that Google can be ‘hacked’ by properly stuffing keywords. Site owners should optimize to improve the user experience, rather than Google. Google is in the business of providing

  1. Optimizing a site is quick and easy

This just isn’t the case. While there are some tactics that can potentially deliver quicker results (Black Hat methods), this is not a long-term strategy. Eventually your site is bound to be penalized if not removed from Google entirely. Our agency likens the SEO process to going to the gym and getting in shape. Any trainer promising results in a short timeframe is either lying or utilizing shady tactics without your long-term health in mind. The same is true for SEO.

  1. You should focus on keywords with high search volume

Not necessarily. We advise clients that they should target the RIGHT keywords. By marrying the keywords that most align with their business objectives, focusing on those with commercial intent has proven to have the most effective results. Sure, as a brand is established we may feel more comfortable targeting broad one-word keywords. But typically, long-tail keywords are less difficult to rank for, convert better and align better with our client’s goals.


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