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A Step Forward for HIABC

This project revitalized the Continuing Education Courses section for HIABC and significantly enhanced the user experience for their members. By introducing a clean, modern design and a more logical user flow, we have made it easier for professionals to access vital educational resources, ultimately contributing to their professional growth and success in the home inspection industry.

Landing Page

Client Overview

HIABC is a leading organization committed to maintaining high standards in the home inspection industry in British Columbia. They are dedicated to providing their members with continuous education and up-to-date industry practices. HIABC’s members rely on the association for professional growth, networking, and access to the latest industry knowledge.

Scope of Work

Modernizing the Continuing Education Experience

Our collaboration with HIABC focused on enhancing their Continuing Education Courses web experience. The primary objectives were:

  • Redesigning the Landing Page: Developing a modern, user-friendly landing page to replace the outdated and cluttered previous version.
  • Improving User Flow: Streamlining the navigation to enable members to find and access courses easily.
  • Content Organization: Splitting the dense information into two distinct landing pages, thus avoiding overcrowding and enhancing user engagement.
  • Free Educational Resources Page: Creating a separate landing page dedicated to Free Educational Resources, providing additional value to the members.

Before and After Results

Transforming User Experience

Before the Revamp:

  • The previous landing page was cluttered and outdated, making it challenging for members to locate and access the information they needed.
  • The user flow was not intuitive, leading to a frustrating experience for users seeking specific courses or resources.

After the Revamp:

  • The new landing page boasts a modern and clean design, significantly enhancing visual appeal and usability.
  • A more intuitive user flow has been implemented, allowing members to effortlessly navigate and find preferred courses.
  • The split of content into two landing pages has effectively decluttered the space, making information more accessible and digestible.

Meet the team

Project Manager: Bijoy Benhur
Graphic Design: Mark McCann
Web Development: Heather Treadgold

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