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How to Find a Job as a Creative, Regardless of Your Experience or Age

How to Find a Job as a Creative, Regardless of Your Experience or Age

Would you describe yourself as a “creative”? Are you excited to go to work in the morning, or do you dread the trek that lands you behind a desk, working on projects that can only be described as lackluster.

If you have an internal creative flare, you may find it difficult to spend the next 20 or 30 years of your life at an accounting firm. There is absolutely nothing wrong with accounting, there are those that can utilize a Rainman-like magic and find incredible value in charts of seemingly random numbers, but if you dream of being a creative, fulfillment might not be found with a calculator.  

It doesn’t matter if you have just finished school or if you are an experienced manager in a blue-chip company; we can explore and express our creative flare at any age!

If you are considering shifting into a creative career, keep these tips in mind to help land your dream job.

Don’t lean on your resume.

If we had to take a wild guess… your first thought after deciding to find a creative position was to create the most unique and amazing resume possible.

“They will have never seen anything like this! This incredible resume is going to set me apart from the pack and blow the owner of the company right out of their chair, which will be promptly followed by a job offer!”

We have all been there, don’t worry. Most of us have been systematically trained throughout school and traditional corporate jobs to think of our resume as the holy grail of job hunting. When it comes to the creative world, resumes are often a required formality, but don’t serve much purpose outside of relaying your contact information.

If you want to impress a Creative Director, give them useful ideas. Find ways to demonstrate how your experiences and perspective will enhance their team and the work that is being created at their agency.

If not a resume, then what?

Our recommendation? If you are applying to a creative agency or marketing firm, find out who their dream client is and create a design or piece of content with that company in mind. Whether you write, draw, paint or capture photos- take the time to empathize with the organization that you are applying to and forge a piece of work that would make their clients jump up and down with joy.

Need an example? We were blown away by this rap video a content writer put together for an agency in New York City. He knew they had done some work for the beverage company, Sprite and took the time to create something of value for them- by the way, he totally got the job.

Be yourself on Behance, Instagram, etc…  

The instagram feed of a designer that is looking for a job at a creative agency

The resume may be viewed as an ancient tool, but there are new ways to communicate your creative skills to potential employers or partners. A Behance portfolio and your Instagram account are great places to start. Each should showcase inspiring and unique examples of your work. A piece of advice…don’t let your personality become lost as you create a portfolio. Creative leaders are looking for team members that are bold, confident, and bring something new to the table. If you start conforming to all the work you see online, you will simply blend in with the crowd.

Not sure how to start building your creative portfolio? Send our team an email or connect with them on social media– we are here to help the creative world grow and improve!

An underutilized platform called, Linkedin.

A young professional creative man recording a video for his personal brand

In the Internet dependant world of today, you have to understand that the person interviewing you is 100% Googling your name before or after your meeting. What are they going to find? You need to start thinking about your personal brand today, regardless of your industry.

With Facebook and Instagram becoming crowed, many creatives have forgot about a platform called Linkedin. Many creatives traditionally viewed Linkedin as a space only for individuals that are interested in large corporations. That is quickly changing and the perfect time for you to capitalize on that is right now. There are many professionals that are beginning to consume massive amounts of content on the platform after becoming annoyed with the endless advertisements on Facebook. This presents an incredible opportunity for you to connect with like-minded individuals that can lead you in the direction of your perfect creative job opportunity!  

Find your space.

Need proof that Linkedin is an amazing place to quickly build your personal brand? Check out the profile of a young professional named Fabio Marrama. Just a few months ago, his account looked like most, “connected” with a close group of friends and professionals from his workplace. today he is one of the fastest growing Linkedin Creators with over 11,000 followers. Imagine your work was consumed and appreciated by thousands of like-minded individuals- do you think that might impress a potential employer a little? 

Find an online space where you can be heard, wherever that may be, and just start creating from your heart! This is one of the best pieces of advice we can pass along to anyone who is searching for their dream job in 2018.

A final piece of wisdom – gain absolute clarity about what YOU do.

We know your first reaction is to create a description or title for yourself that makes it sound like you might be the next Creative Director of Apple. Trust us on this one- skip the long string of unknown adjectives and get to the core of your passion.

Instead of saying something like, “I would define myself as a multi-faceted creator, with a wide range of innovative proficiencies that are changing the way people ingest art”… stick to a label that is more sincere, such as, “I am passionate designer that loves to picture everything around me as a logo.”  

The first description is vague and doesn’t offer any concrete insight into what you are actually capable of. The second description is very clear and immediately communicates one of the core skills of your trade, in this case designing logos.

Remember, it will never serve you in the long run to over exaggerate your skills. Many Creative Directors and Managers (smart one’s anyways) hire for passion and personality over specific skills. It is much more important to exude passion and embrace a curious mindset then to try and appear like the next Picasso. Don’t forget that the individual that is interviewing you likely started in the exact same spot as you. Connect with their love for creating and you will do just fine.


Never stop pursuing your passions and stay creative!

A pair of hands covered in paint reaching out

Interested in exploring your creative talents at Hiilite?

Visit our Careers page or connect with our Chief Design Officer, Tina Walzcak!


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