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Cognitive Restructuring Strategies for High Performance Professionals

Cognitive Restructuring Strategies for High Performance Professionals

From the Ballet Stage to the World of Business

Ballet is the epitome of poise, beauty and strength. Professional ballet dancers endure a lifetime of intense training to achieve peak physical excellence and perfection. The demand, physically and psychologically, to achieve excruciatingly demanding precision in front of an audience induces acute anxiety.

Thought patterns that achieve self-discipline and control is the key to success.

A study conducted by Imogen Walker and Sanna M. Nordin-Bates on The Importance of Control, revealed principal dancers “suffered from higher intensities of performance anxiety.” They also found anxiety can be beneficial when incorporating cognitive restructuring strategies.

One coping strategy, defined by Socrates, is disciplined questioning. Disciplined questioning is used to control automatic thoughts that distress and undermine success. Restructuring thought patterns ensures professionalism and a pristine performance habitually.

As with any professional at the pinnacle of their career, the stress and anxiety to perform impeccably under intense scrutiny can be daunting. All you expect from yourself is… everything.

Professionals benefit from training their cognitive thought patterns in order to regain control and productively channel their anxiety.

Whether you’re a doctor, top businessman or a professional performer, you dance an act of discipline. The key to performing well and achieving the height of success under high pressure is recognizing stress. By incorporating cognitive restructuring strategies, professionals always feel a sense of control.

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