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Client Communication

Client Communication

By: Tina Walczak & Cam Schreiner

During our regular Hiilite Instagram Live Video on Thursday, January 3rd we discussed client communication after receiving a question (all the way from Scotland!) from @ThatGuyFowley, that read:

My main kinda question was how to keep in good contact with the client. Should you message them every now and then? Or just, get the brief, send the ideas then discuss changes /edits. Should you set dates for when you should contact? And is meeting in person always preferred to messaging/phone calls? 

Basically, he wanted to know how often, and what the best methods you should use to contact your client when you initially start a project. How do you know when it’s too little or too much?


This is one of our favorite topics, and we are so glad you asked this. We have a framework that we’ve built and has been effective, but before we give it to you guys we have a couple of stories to tell.

To start with, Tina’s going to take you on a little journey.

Psychology of Branding

You go to a restaurant and wait 30 minutes to be seated. By the time you’re seated, you’re frustrated with poor management, but you let it go because, hey, the food muuuust be good. But then you end up waiting another 20 min before your waiter comes to your table. Finally, they take your order, but then they get one of your drinks wrong. How frustrated do you feel by this point? A brand is about how you make people feel. When you’re treated like your uncle that nobody likes, you’re sure to feel completely unheard. On the flip side, maybe you’ve had a waiter who won’t leave you the fuck alone… It’s annoying right.

This is exactly the same feeling your clients will feel when you don’t have great communication with them.

Kelowna Marketing Agency: Time Sensitive Projects

Recently, a client contacted us for a rush project (needed for Monday) which involved setup for label production. This is something that made them nervous as they have no experience doing this.

When we received this email, we immediately called them to work out a quote and get started on their job, as we knew it was time sensitive.

My first task after getting off the phone was to contact their supplier and get production deadlines for the artwork. Since the supplier was closed I was now at their mercy, waiting for them to respond back.

Even though I didn’t have much information, I decided to contact the client again to make sure they knew this was in process.

Dealing with a client is similar to dealing with a girlfriend or spouse. The more you keep them in the loop, the happier and more comfortable they are.

Since the initial contact yesterday, I have been in contact with this client 2-3 more times to give progress reports. She is very happy and thanked me for being so attentive.

Because of this communication the client reached out and wants to do more work with Hiilite marketing agency in the future.

Think of the relationships you have with your client similar to a girlfriend or a spouse; if you are out for the day, you would check in after a few hours either because the plans change or just to say Hi. Even if you have no new information to give, keeping that open communication and ensuring effective communication is ongoing with the client lets them know that they are not forgotten and that you care.

Effective Communication: Strategy and Timeline

So how do we do this? I’m going to show you a timeline that we’ve used and tested on previous projects at Hiilite which has worked well.

Have you ever sent an email or text that was taken the wrong way? I think we all have, and when working on client work especially at the beginning stages, setting up a meeting with your client is the best way to avoid any miscommunication.

I have terrible grammar, and I know this. I get that there is nothing more frustrating for a client than to see a poorly executed email – it’s all they will think about it. They’re bound to ask, “Am I really paying this person, this marketing agency, to create for me?” This is again why meeting in person is so critical at the beginning stages. Once you have established a relationship, then the client tends to be more relaxed.

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