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Authority, Relevance, Trust: The Three Pillars of SEO

Authority, Relevance, Trust: The Three Pillars of SEO

Today we’ll talk about the three pillars of SEO. Authority, Relevance and Trust.

Authority is based on the fact of that people believe in you and your web pages if you try and make them. Therefore, SEO is closely linked to website authority, as this extremely important ingredient helps websites to get quickly indexed and rank prominently in the search results.

The best way to become an authoritative voice? Create content that answers frequently asked questions in your space and become an expert in your niche.

Relevance. The reason people use Google is because they believe in its ability to match their search intent with relevant results. If your site’s SEO strategy operates under the same premise, Google will reward you by showing your website to searchers it feels your site is relevant to. If your site sells dog food, you would be best suited to include in your meta data and content, keywords related to ‘shop dog food online’. If your site’s SEO strategy in contrast contains keywords related to ‘dentist services’, Google is going to have trouble matching your site with relevant search terms.

Trust is the hardest to ‘hack’. Trust is earned over time by such things as owning an aged domain, updating the site often, the sites popularity and other security factors. If your site ranks highly in each of these items, it can only stand to further increase your rankings. As we mentioned initially, this isn’t something that happens overnight. The best way to increase the trustworthiness of your site, in my opinion is to begin forming reciprocal relationships, linking out to other trustworthy sites, earning the trust of those sites such that they share your content.


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