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Website Design Part 1: Why You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

Website Design Part 1: Why You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

This article contains language that may be offensive to some readers.

So you’re going to design a website? Cool, but before you start do you know how?

I don’t just mean do you know how to design. Maybe you’re a master of all things print but do you know how to design for web? Because any designer worth their salt can come up with a good-looking website but that doesn’t mean it’s good web design.

Here’s a secret all good web designers know. It’s not just your job to make it look pretty. You need to understand how your design can impact, or fuck up, any number of things. This includes user experience, SEO, site speed, lead generation, and even how much a headache the site is going to be to update and maintain. Some designers just don’t care about any of that but if you want to do the job right, this blog series can help you start thinking as about web design like a pro.

In this series we’ll touch on some basic design principals but we’re assuming you have at least some design experience already. Mostly, we’re going to focus on all the things you don’t even know to consider. The kind of shit you don’t think about when you’re working in your nice, static document size, putting in content and elements wherever the hell you want as if webpages aren’t complicated, dynamic clusterfucks of technology. Things like, how your design is gonna look when Steve from accounting resizes his window to something that smaller than full desktop but bigger than tablet size. Or why your developer is now telling you the cool element you stuck just there on the homepage is going to triple the client’s budget. Or how your headings are affecting (and possibly fucking up) your client’s Google ranking.

All that being said, not everything we go over or suggest will be a hardline rule and obviously most things are possible with enough time and money (although client rarely seem to have either, let alone both). Hopefully though, you’ll learn to navigate the world of website design with a little more thought and understanding of the practical considerations. So stay tuned for the next post in this series where you’re gonna learn you some shit.


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