Titanium Rings

Hiilite works with Titanium Rings to ensure their unique selling points help them stand out from the digital crowd for their global client base.

TitaniumRings.com See’s Their Shopify eCommerce Marketing Revenue Explode

Hiilite and Titanium Rings have worked together to build a loyal global client base. As a business without a physical storefront, Titanium Rings faces challenges in conveying its exceptional quality to its clients and developing a trusted rapport. Content marketing designed to comprehensively answer common queries, coupled with highly effective paid social media marketing campaigns, have proved to be a successful backbone for the eCommerce jewelry workshop.  


You guys seriously have probably THE most responsive, timely customer relations that I have ever encountered when it comes to online purchasing.

– Hal

Highly Successful Social Media Marketing Campaigns 

Hiilite’s social media marketing direction has generated a 406% increase in revenue from social traffic.  

By leveraging an engaged organic feed, the strategic paid ads for Titanium Rings have successfully placed their products in front of millions of new potential buyers across the globe.  


Influencing Change in Business Strategy 

Building on the success of the social media marketing strategy adopted by Titanium Rings, Hiilite developed a novel program designed to attract influencers to the Titanium Rings brand. We developed the application criteria alongside influencer obligations. 


Benefits of an Engaged List of Email Subscribers  

Titanium Rings has seen a 10% increase in transactions stemming from the company’s promotional email marketing. Subscribers benefit from access to information about sales and blog releases, while Titanium Rings benefits from increased community engagement and revenue.   

Capturing Brand Identity through Curated Photographs 

Custom brand-centric photography adds value and credibility that cannot be matched by stock photographs. Our high-quality photography and videography cement Titanium Ring’s reputation as a Canadian provider of locally made jewelry of an exceptional standard while persuading potential buyers of the ring’s value. 

The jewellery made by Titanium Rings is stunning and deserves nothing less than stunning photography and videography. 


Project Manager: Adrienne Renaud
Project Manager: Toria Muller
Graphic Designer: Cam Schreiner
Web Development: Heather Treadgold
SEO: Patrick Henderson
Facebook Ads: Luan Jardine
Photography: Madison Cook

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