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Natural Skincare Products: An Ecommerce Store Success Story

Portia Ella is a high-performing beauty store with a focus on ethical and natural skincare. Created in 2014 by Quebec-born Julie Michaud Angelatos, what once was a small e-commerce website coalesced with other like-minded Canadian entrepreneurs to turn Portia Ella into a national Ethical Beauty retailer.

Hiilite’s team collaborated with Portia Ella to augment the expertise of their in-house creative director. Working behind the scenes, we enhance their marketing creative by optimizing their content so it can more easily be found by search engines and, as a result, eager customers. We also assisted with brand awareness campaigns and the refinement and launch of their updated brand.

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Brand refinement through collaboration

Through a process of collaboration, Hiilite’s team worked with Portia Ella to update their logo and refine their existing brand. The result was a sense of consistency across online platforms and a logo design that was better reflective of their organic pro-organic ethical values.

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retail marketing and ecommerce store logo for portia ella

126% increase

in organic traffic since optimizing Portia Ella’s website content

Working alongside Portia Ella’s in-house creative team, Hiilite provided direction for on-page and off-page search engine optimization. This collaboration ensured that all brand creative was built around SEO strategies designed for success.
Since making these improvements, Portia Ella’s Ecommerce Store saw an 126% increase in organic traffic.

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239% increase

in the amount of online orders

Since Hiilite’s digital brand awareness campaigns commenced, Portia Ella has seen a 239% increase in orders.

40% increase

in the average order value

Portia Ella has also seen a revenue increase of 380% since Hiilite’s digital brand awareness campaigns started.

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Revenue growth through brand awareness campaigns

Portia Ella’s founder has built the brand around strong values. The brand is proudly Canadian, female-owned and run, natural, cruelty-free, and ethical. These values are attractive to a growing segment of customers, but potential customers do need to be aware of those values.

Our digital brand awareness campaigns resulted in a 239% increase in orders, a 40% increase in the average order value, and revenue increased by 380%.

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Portia Ella has seen a 345% increase in customers and an 87% increase in overall traffic since the beginning of their collaboration with Hiilite.

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Intelligent online advertising for ecommerce success

Targeted Google and social media ads have put the Portia Ella brand in front of the right audience. Hiilite’s advertising strategy directed interested online traffic to the Portia Ella site, while our marketing direction has resulted in a 4% increase in conversion from Ecommerce store visits.

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How We Helped


Project Manager: Adrienne Renaud
Chief Design Officer: Tina Walczak
Graphic Designer: Cam Schreiner
SEO & Ads: Patrick Henderson
Facebook Ads: Luan Jardine

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