accomplish insurance

March 6th, 2018
Project Manager: Liz Dunning
Chief Design Officer: Tina Walczak
Business Consultant: William Walczak
Designer: Carly Scoville
Content Creator: Alexander VandeLaar
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The accomplish insurance team joined forces with Hiilite looking for a COMPLETE refresh of their brand. Before they were accomplish, their business was similar to other, more traditional insurance brokers. Built off an incredibly strong family name and reputation, we knew that we had to create a brand and a website that was just as approachable, friendly and caring as the owners are. Our goal was to break the “insurance mold” with this project- mission accomplished! ( Dad jokes <3 )   


Our Process:

The first thing we did was take all traditional thoughts related to insurance companies and gingerly tossed them out of the window. Next, we closely examined the customers of our client. We often use a "design thinking" method when creating anything at Hiilite- the finished product of accomplish insurance is a living, breathing example of the amazing Kelowna-based customers that have been supporting this organization for years. Existing customers always knew they would get personalized service from one of the most knowledgable insurance teams in the country but now their new brand broadcasts that essence to the entire market.  


Keeping in line with our thoughts of avoiding all traditional insurance brands, we began our design creation process with the emotions that our client conveyed on a daily basis. The owners of accomplish insurance are extremely warm, friendly and humorous! No "blue-chip" bank blues here... we embraced colours that mirrored the owners desires to make insurance much more approachable.