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The Good, the Bad, The Ugly… Of Branding.

The Good, the Bad, The Ugly… Of Branding.

By: Tina Walczak & William Walczak

We recently took a trip to beautiful Palm Spring where my parents live, and I must say… I love it here. I always love Kelowna, but there is something to be said about picking fresh oranges off the neighbours tree.  

So we had a question come in to our branding agency from @monique_kabel. She is the queen of fitness and not only is she probably the most gorgeous human, she is hard as fuck and knows what she wants! If you haven’t followed her already check her out – Anyway, she wanted to know about the good, the bad, and the ugly of branding. 

 Branding Agency Advice: The GOOD 

Ok, guys first and foremost before we do anything else, Identify Your Potential Customers and current customers. STOP creating content that is for you! Create content for your customers. If you master this, you will be successful.

For example, as a business, we are trying to attract not only leads, but potential hires for the future. So when we create content, we think about what entrepreneurs like to consume, and also what creatives enjoy.  

Will spoke a couple of weeks ago at the Social School this is an example of a DO. Will was able to speak in front of ambitious business people and marketing managers, both of these audiences are right for us. We not only received a lead from that day, but we also connected with a content strategist looking for work.  

Branding Agency Advice: The BAD


Unless you sell dog food please stop posting pictures of your dog… I’m sure your dog is fucken cute, and most people love cute things, but if you are serious about branding yourself and your business, create content that makes your audience want more from you. Make your audience fall in love with you, that’s your goal. Think of yourself as the seductress of branding….

I’m sorry if we just broke your heart! We know you want to post things you care about it and that’s ok. Make a separate account, or do what Monique does. She will post videos of her cat and send it only to her close friends on Instagram. That is a DO!  

Branding Agency Advice: Successful Branding

Proper targeting is crucial for successful branding. Knowing the behaviors, goals and needs of your potential customers can aid tremendously in developing a strong branding and marketing campaign. Reaching the right people starts with identifying your target audiences. Use a combination of information from competitors and analytical insight, culled everywhere from social media insights to market sector data, to figure out who you want to reach specifically. 

 Branding Agency Advice: The UGLY 

Bad Design! Today we went to the Zoo and I remember hearing Will chuckle and say to me, “Did you see that display?” What was it about the display that was ugly? Does it matter?  

We just got a project because the competing agency misspelled the client’s name. What does that say about your brand? It matters.

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