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Protecting Futures With Website and Print Design

We created a brand-new website from the ground up for their new estate law practice and crafted print materials and blogs that complemented their brand.

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Client Overview

Because laws and estates can get messy, it was important to Oak Tree Estate Law that their website was accessible to everyone. We designed it with this in mind and to have a family focus, but professional look so that it would resonate with their target audience as soon as they landed on the homepage. We also designed a brochure for them to give out and for clients to take home and learn more from. Finally, we crafted blogs that targeted SEO keyphrases to help them rank higher online.

A Professional Look That’s Easy To Digest

The law isn’t inherently simple, so we strove to create a website that made it easy to understand estate planning and estate administration. We achieved this by designing a professional website with a family focus that breaks down the language of the law for readers to easily understand.

Take-Home Branding That Keeps Your Company Top-Of-Mind

The visual, physical reminder of a brochure can sometimes be all it takes for a client to convert. We designed a custom brochure that broke down Oak Tree’s services into accessible terms to give their audience a tangible reference to take with them and refer to as needed.

Improved Visibility
on Complex Topics

Estate law generally isn’t written for people who haven’t studied law. However, we were able to tackle this challenge and Oak Tree’s SEO challenge by writing blog articles for targeted keyphrases. This not only gave Oak Tree’s audience easy reference material, but also helped them rank higher on Google too.

Meet the team

Project Manager: Bijoy Benhur
Graphic Design: Cam Schreiner, Scott Watson
Web Development: Heather Treadgold
SEO: Patrick Henderson
Content: Jake MacLaren
Strategy: William Walkczak

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